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#Guest - Says,

My question is about my future career and what is the best way to save and manage my finances. I joined the United States Navy to fulfill one of my childhood dreams. I understand that i will be making between 1300-1500 dollars base pay and this pay will increase on a yearly basis as well as my rank gets higher. This pay does not include housing/bills/food there will be separate incentives for those. Now whats the best way to plan for my future, my retirement, a future vehicle, and a future house. I plan to sign up for the GI bill to get money for college. Im enlisted for four years but im still not sure if i want to go to college or make a career out of this.
#TexasGuy - Says,


Put together a spending plan with what you TAKE HOME each month, compared to what your monthly expenses are. You will then be able to determine where you can cut costs, save extra towards retirement, a house, a vehicle, etc. Don't forget to include in your spending plan your periodic payments for things like insurance, vacations, holidays, etc. You should set a little each month for those items so that you can have the money already set aside before spending is required.

#smilenyc07 - Says,

offtopic/ I think I was under the wrong impression what the payscale in the Navy is until this post
#carol - Says,

Thats okay. Sometimes we do bump into things that we thought never existed. Smile
#Morningstar - Says,

Soldiers are not paid very well. It's rather sad; a country with a volunteer military doesn't take better care of its troops.

See also: recent PR fiasco at Walter Reed.

#Laura - Says,

I agree. The people who are defending us should be well taken care of. Their families survive without them when they are deployed. I feel they need to be taken care of in a better way.
#smilenyc07 - Says,

For a job that you risk your life this is really a low pay. I am not sure what their benefits are but they better be very good.

I know that NYPD also starts at about 24k for the first six months, then about 34k for the next 5 years and 64k thereafter.

#goodnatured - Says,

I think whether you decide to stay in or not, you are wise to start now, I wanted to let you know that you need to really investigate your GI Bill, I am a veterans representative and I see people getting out depending on the GI Bill to pay for college to find that they fall short and have to work besides going to school. Just a heads up so you can plan for the shortage and maybe put something in place now, like savings bonds or something like that. I did the savings bonds and bought a trailer with them when I got out. They add up quickly and you don't miss the little bit it takes to save up. Thats what I did, just a suggestion, I am sure that there are many more to come. Goodluck and stay safe.
#dadummy52 - Says,

any young person these days must either look into 401k plans or union jobs that offer a pension, or state or federal,retirement or just be really good at saveing and not touching it because there isnt much hope in social security in the future. It barely is enough for anyone to live on. the cost of liveing is to high for everyone and it doesnt look like any relief in the future.
#goodnatured - Says,

Alot of young people don't look forward enough to think of 401k or other retirement plan. the employer that I spoke to last week stated that most young people want instant gratification, they want their money now and they spend it now. The offer a pretty good retirement package, you put in $1 and they put in $1.25, they said that alot of younger people show no intrest in it at all.
#crackerjack - Says,

I have always heard that you spend as much as you make, I think that is true sometimes.
I heard a lady say one time that no matter what you make, live like you are making minimum wage for a year and see how much you can save up. Wish I could make more than minimum wage, I would try it. lol.
It probably would work if you had a good paying job though.

#goodnatured - Says,

I do beleive that crackerjack, the more you make the more you spend.
#anthony - Says,

I believe in spending frugally. I cant bear to see my bank empty at the end of each month.

Today i have a great balance in there Smile.

#crackerjack - Says,

I can not bear it either anthony, but with four kids I often see it happening that way, I agree you need to be frugal, but with one graduating this year and one graduating next year, it is tough, I am trying to stay involved with all the chincy fundraising efforts that the school has in place to help deter some of the cost, but it is still expensive then you have to worry about your kid once they take the senior trip, are they being supervised, etc. Unfortunately, I can not volunteer to chaparone with three other kids at home.
#goodnatured - Says,

Once your kids are out and on their own crackerjack, maybe then you will have some left over at the end of the week to go do as you like, hang in there, you have two graduating fairly close together so it will happen sooner than you think.

The senior trip thing always got me, it is always so expensive, i think they should start working on that trip in first grade and keep track of everything they fund raise for, seems like they are always fundraising for something. Then if our child can not afford it they are left out in the cold and the school does not really care. Maybe with your younger two you can let them know ahead of time that if this is something they want to do they need to start saving now and get summer jobs when they are old enough, that would cut some expense for you anyway. goodluck with this hope it all works out.

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