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#FreedomDM - Says,

Consolidate for $10 a month- read on…

I joined this forum to answer questions and provide free financial advice to those seeking solutions in absolving their debts. Our organization is a true 501c3 licensed non-profit budget counseling and debt consolidation agency dedicated to helping people get out of debt. I see a lot of uneducated consumers seeking assistance and getting scammed by credit repair agencies and settlement firms. Its heart wrenching to say the least, that people are being bamboozled after already being in a bad situation and just looking for some honest help. This, is why I joined this awesome forum.

Our program closes the accounts you consolidate- stops any late, past due, over limit fees, and reduces the APRS to lower fixed rates., the monthly payment is usually lower than what you’re paying now and we establish a due date for our clients that works around their other monthly bills to ensure a successful program for completion – becoming debt free. This in turn, reduces your balances and provides a consecutive payment billing cycle monthly, improving your credit score over time.

To further, we provide a free budget counseling session, credit report reviews, and a free debt consultation quote. For those on this forum who are in dire need and really want to get out of debt but are having a hard time finding the right org call me direct. Freedom will help ANYONE we can show benefits and savings to by enrolling in our program. Ive offered a couple people on here to consolidate their debt for only $10 a month and I’m extending that to this thread as well. We want to HELP people who want help and can in turn, help spread the word of our honest, true non-profit services geared primarily at providing debt solutions to consumers in need of help and free financial education.

Call and ask for me direct for the $10 debt deal.


Michael Brazier
P: 561.362.3029

#goodnatured - Says,

You have a very nice website, lots of good information there, I especially like the advice on raising your fico.
#debranewell2008 - Says,

It is really nice of you to offer you assistance. I have seen several people on here that are in need of the service you offer. So hopefully you will hearing from some of them.
#goodnatured - Says,

You should visit the web page, there is a bunch of good information there that would come in handy for someone trying to raise their fico or deal with other debt issues. Even if you don't use the company you can still refer to their website and see the details of different things on there. I think it is a pretty good site.
#fireyone - Says,

I am always a little suspicious when it comes to this but I did go to the site and see some good information. What would really be nice is if one of the people that was helped would come back and vouch for the company. Around here word of mouth goes a very long way in building trust.
#FreedomDM - Says,

We would love to have our currently active clients, or those who have completed the program, post reviews everywhere for us as it would greatly assist getting our name out there more. I havent asked any clients personally to come into a forum but I think its a fantastic idea and perhaps I can speak to a few this week and see what can come about.

We do however, currently have reviews on as well as the BBB Trust link, links on the home page of our website.

The mybeeswax reviews are in the social media area, the little bumble bee icon. The client reviews posted the the BBB's trust link can be found at the bottom of the home page under the video. Its a widget so it may take a second to load.

I hope this helps and Ill be sure to try and send some clients to the forum for further reviews.

Thanks you all for checking out our website. Were truly here to help. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


#debranewell2008 - Says,

WoW fireyone that is a great idea because I know for a fact word of mouth has made me decide on a lot of things. And I have noticed a lot of people on this forum are always asking if we have heard of certain agency. Keep up the good work.
#FreedomDM - Says,

It may take some time to get clients to come into a forum to post reviews as we already have clients going to the Better Business Bureau and a local business directory to post said reviews of their experience and outcomes working with our non-prof.

If you havent the time to go to our site I provided direct links below to the BBB's trust link reviews and mybeeswax reviews from clients.

And by all means, Im always available to answer any questions direct.

Mybeeswax t_Management

Better Business Bureau, A+ Rating nc-31001661


#fireyone - Says,

This would be a good opportunity for those looking for debt help to visit the links and see what is posted. I know a lot of people come here for advice on what to do about debt and what companies they trust. So far I have only recommended on (Omega credit) because of my own personal dealings with the owner. As I said word of mouth is the best. Hopefully you can get some clients that will step forward. Hopefully the prices are reasonable to. Omega's is really good so they may be hard to top.
#goodnatured - Says,

Well you know what they say, help one and more will follow, goodluck, I hope you do well with your venture and hope you help out a lot of people.
#debranewell2008 - Says,

There was someone on here earlier asking if she should consolidate their debt and I told them to check out freedom. Not sure if they did or not. Just thought I would spread the word.
#FreedomDM - Says,

That means a lot to our team here, many thanks to you all and we will continue to return the favor by providing an affordable, honest consolidation program geared at educating consumers, reducing balances and increasing credit scores.

Word of mouth is definitely key and we wouldnt have half our base without referrals and good word. This is a very tough market for real non-profs that cant allot $20k a month in advertisements.

Njoy the rest of your eves.

#debranewell2008 - Says,

No problem I don't mind spreading the word for you because you know if your company isn't what you represent word of mouth can also hurt you. Because if one person on here does give it a try and they find it to be a scam. Guess what I'm pretty sure they will be back to report on it. But if you have the BBB saying you are a good site then I have no other reason to believe any different. I think it is super nice in you offering your services to the people on here. Some of them need someone that deals with this kind of thing everyday and it's good to have a new voice on here. Good luck to you.
#marcusandila - Says,

Sheash, I should have just looked on here. I didn't know this post was on here when I emailed you freedom. lol.
#FreedomDM - Says,

lol, no problem - I welcome the email inquiries as well. I was actually going to post my replies to you as you posed some very good questions that could be considered FAQs - I'll definitely be adding some of it to our flagship site,

Let me know if I can be of further assistance and happy hump day!

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