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#Archie - Says,

When I was married my husband and I bought a car through GMAC. Shortly before our divorce my husband decided he didn't want the car anymore and turned it back in to the dealership. When we went through our divorce I had it put in the decree that my ex was to take care of the car debt. He never did. It has been over 7 years and I live in Kansas. This is still on my credit because I was the co-signer and is effecting my life. It is causing problems with my military career and credit. I let GMAC know that my ex is the one that is to take care of the bill but they said that their contract supercedes any divorce decree. I have had to make some payments on this to show the military that I am trying to resolve this debt so that I can stay in the service. How do I get them to go after my ex instead of me. Since it has been over 7 years are they still able to collect? From me?
#debranewell2008 - Says,

Did you check the SOL in the state the debt had accrued. Before you paid on it? Because once you paid on the debt the SOL started all over again meaning you have to pay the debt. And yes just like with any other debt if you are the co-signer and they can not get their money from your ex they will get it from you. As far as what was drawn up in your divorce papers I would contact your attorney and see if he has any advice on how to handle this.
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