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Rebuilding credit history

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Henry mccarthy

Subject: Credit repair
Posted on Fri Nov 08, 2019 8:52 pm  

Hey there I want to give my heart felt thanks to MEDALLION CREDIT GROUP for their help during my time of distress. I had a bad credit report which really messed with my emotions at that time. I read a review of them on google and I contacted them on their email medallioncreditgroupATgmail DotCom which from there I was directed to their phone contact at +1 (424) 307 4445And after some discussion we went through with the process and my credit got fixed. I’m grateful for their services.

Posted on Sat Nov 09, 2019 9:23 am  

i am writing this as an appreciative referral  to the efficient and reliable credit repair hacker   QUADHACKED@GMAIL[dot]COM , i had a little disagreement  with my landlord which lead to him evicting me from the house ,i wasn't going to pay for extra charges that were not in the initial agreement. he put an eviction on my report and  this created a lasting blemish on my credit report,i struggled with it for a long time this hurt my credit score so bad , i was unable to rent  the houses of my choice neither could i get a loan,  i spoke  about it with an old friend and he recommended an hacker with the contact address QUADHACKED@GMAIL [dot]COM .This hacker is incredible, in few weeks he wiped the  eviction blemish,tax liens  and other collections off my credit report and this had a huge impact on my credit score.he got my score up from 619 and now i'm scoring a wonderful 786 and i cant be more thankful. reach out to him for your credit repair service and credit score increment.

Posted on Sat Nov 09, 2019 9:57 am  

Hello, my name is Patrick Luke. I had a bankruptcy, eviction and a judgment with some couple of late payments on my credit report. My score was on low 400’s and that was pretty bad. They came through, deleted all the negative items, raised my score to 796 and then added some good tradelines on my profile to help boost my score more effectively, efficiently and less costly. All debts were marked as paid and late payments appeared as on time payment. Their name is MEDALLIONCREDITGROUP . You can contact +1 (424) 307 4445 for credit repair services because they are, trustworthy, and proficient and charges substantially.

Posted on Sat Nov 09, 2019 12:32 pm  

I recently got married. My husband is originally from Canada and when he moved to US he never had a credit score done. He never even had a credit card in his life. We could not put his name on our new car loan because he had no credit history and as loan manager explained to us that can increase the interest rate on the loan. I added my husband to my credit card so he can build his credit history (he could not get approved for Wal-Mart credit card by himself). So few months after, my husband blames me for his score low because I do have lots of debt. Although it is true I do have mortgage, home equity loan, credit card debt, school loans, and now car payment, I needed a help fixing my credit profile so my husband’s score can be raised. I contacted my personal hacker MEDALLION CREDIT GROUP who helped me fix my DUI the last time. I fed them some info and they navigated through my credit profile and erased all the negative items in there and replaced them with positive tradelines thereby increasing my husband’s score to 788. We are happy with our new credit report. MEDALLION has earned our respect and they are now our family hacker. Just text them on +1 (424) 307 4445 or email them on MEDALLIONCREDITGROUP@GMAIL.COM , you can trust them with your credit report.
Marla Irina

Posted on Mon Nov 11, 2019 3:09 pm  

I read many good reviews about ROCK BASE CREDIT REPAIR on this forum. After my payday I contacted them via +1.972.449.1968, they increased my score to 800 from low 456 and improved my credit profile by adding some great tradelines to my report and removing 2 evictions and other negatives. I acknowledge their efforts and urge you to contact Rock Base for any credit related issues. You can as well email R O C K B A S E @ P R O T O N M A I L .C O M. Cheers. Karen writing from New York.

Posted on Fri Nov 15, 2019 3:08 am  

Are you in search of a professional hacker who will increase your credit score? Please contact DEBOOTH CREDIT SOLUTION with this number +(562)281-762 or email DEBOOTHCREDITSOLUTION@GMAIL.COM. Having read reviews about them, I contacted them, explained the challenges I was facing with my credit score. They asked me few questions and what required of me to get the work done I answered promptly that last month. They promised to fix my credit within 7 working days .They really made great difference by increasing credit score from 420 to 810 and also helped got off negative report from my profile. They are very competent and also friendly to me. I strongly recommend Debooth based on my personal encounter with them. Goodluck
Leticia Marie Garcia

Posted on Fri Nov 15, 2019 6:30 am  

I’ll fix your credit; remove all negative information, clear loans and raise your score to 780+ in 5 days. These were the exact words XAP (XAPCREDITSOLUTION@GMAIL.COM or text +1 (972) 597-9704) to me when I contacted them. I decided to give XAP CREDIT SOLUTION a try and to my GREATEST surprise it worked out for me despite the fear of been scammed. At exactly 72 hours; my score increased to 790 across the three basic credit bureaus, also cleared all collections, negative marks, mortgage loan, hard inquiries on my credit report. How best can I appreciate this good deed done for me by XAP other than sharing it to the world? Contact XAP with the above contacts. I am Leticia.

Subject: Certified credit repairer
Posted on Fri Nov 15, 2019 4:35 pm  

Contact Cyberhack005 @gmail . COM or text message on: +1502-378-7817 for any sort of hack service
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-Loading Bank account
you will never regret any of their services. Thank me later

Posted on Sun Nov 17, 2019 10:38 pm  

I’m Dowain, few days ago I read several good reviews on an ethical hacker's good services. I desperately needed help in improving my credit score to be able to obtain a new place to live and pay off medical bills that was killing me from critical PTSD disability government very low income. I got in touch with Hack West Credit Repair with so much hope in my heart and just as I hoped, he got the job done in less than 72 hours.... The problems I had due to my low credit score has been a burden on me all this while especially me being a father of 3 but now I'm glad it’s been fixed with the help of this ethical hacker. Get in touch with him at H A C K W E S T @ W R I T E M E . C O M. You can as well text: +1.424.307.2638. Good luck!

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