billed by mistake .... clerical error?

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re: bealls acct #6030 0351 251

i made a purchase from bealls outlet/colony plaza, the villages, fl on 7/5/10. on 7/12/10 i stopped in the same store and paid the balance, IN FULL, and assumed there would be no bills sent to me.
i received a bill recently in the amount of $53.16, the amount of the purchase and the amount that I PAID.

i have the original of the receipt that i was given on 7/12 when i paid the account in full and have mailed a copy of this receipt back with the bill i received and asked that my credit card be cancelled because i was very unhappy with the way these transactions are handled.

i would hope that my account is now marked PAID IN FULL and the credit card CANCELLED, as i do not want any new credit cards at this time in my life (age 72).

thank you for your courtesy of a reply confirming this, so that i can file the reply away with my other papers.

Hi grubbsmarge,

I think you are mistaken. This site is not in any way related to Bealls. So, you will have to directly mail this letter to the Bealls.

You should pull a copy of your credit report and check the status of this account. Check if it's getting reported as "Paid in Full". If not, then you can dispute the wrong listing with the credit bureaus. Send a dispute letter to the bureaus through certified mail requesting a return receipt.

As for the cancellation of the card, you will have to do that in writing, so that you can have proof of the cancellation.

You will get a sample dispute letter with this community.



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