can docters add interest to your bills?

Submitted by jessica_schaun on Mon, 09/08/2008 - 20:08

i have docter bills from 2001 and the bill gets high by the day because it has went to a bill collecter! can they do that? :(

Hi Jessica
Since you have made your last payment in 2001, the negative listing should come out of your credit report somewhere in 2008 or in the beginning of 2009. Since it went to collections, the CA adds interest rates every month on the actual debt and so your debt amount has risen. In this case, you should first check whether the SOL in your state has expired or not. If it has expired, there is no need to repay the debt even if the debt amount is rising day by day because they cannot sue you to the court to recover the debt amount once the SOL is over.

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Yes, a bill collector can add interest to your debt which may increase the actual debt amount to need to repay. If you want to repay the debt, you need to send a debt validation letter to the collector and on getting validation, ask them for a repayment agreement if you cannot afford to pay back the debt at a time. However, I think that since you made your last payment in 2001, you should check out the SOL in your state first as Mary suggested. Now if the SOL is over, I think you should not repay it because the listing will automatically be removed from your credit report shortly.

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