How to remove item from credit report

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I won against a collection agency. They were trying to sue me for a credit card debt they supposedly bought from another agency that supposedly bought it from others. If the 2nd buyer is the one that lists it on my report, and it keeps coming back as verified, can I use the courts "judgment granted to the defendant" as a means to get that item removed from my credit report?

The collection agency against whom I had won the case is not reporting it. The previous one is reporting the account. Thus, what should I do?


Hi Angelo,

What you can do is send a letter to the previous collection agency, requesting them to remove the listing, and update your report. Attach a copy of the judgment along with this letter. Send the letter through certified mail, requesting a return receipt. If the collection agency fails to comply to your request, you can then send a dispute letter to the credit bureaus. You need to attach a copy of the judgment, and a copy of the proof of the letter sent to the collection agency.

Hope this helps.



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