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I sent a DVL to NCO they did not respond within 30 days. I noticed that they were removed from CR. I just received a letter from them with information regarding the debt (probably what they consider validation) but no originals and no signatures.

They are asking for payment in the letter and the following paragraph is in the letter also, "In addition, please be advised that we have contacted the credit bureaus, with which we do business, with our request to delete our listing of the above-referenced accounts from your credit profile for the social security number we have listed in our records. Please be advised that NCO Financial Systems, Inc. cannot effect a change to how any other company may have listed the above accounts on your credit profile". This letter is signed by the Compliance Resolution Administrator.

How do I proceed in this matter?

Hi realme,

Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) does not mention that the collection agency will have to answer to the debtor's validation request within 30 days. Rather the debtor is required to send the validation letter within 30 days of the first attempt of collection.

As for the information on the debt, can you tell what exactly did they send? If this is not a proper validation, you can try disputing this debt. Another thing is that can I know whether or not the validation letter was sent through certified mail?



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realme (not verified)

Everything that I have read says that CA has 30 days to validate a debt or they have to remove it from your CR, so I am confused by your statement but I will look it up.

They sent typed documents that have Diagnosis codes and summary of charges. On some of the documents, my city is incorrect just the way that it is reported incorrectly on one of my credit reports. There are no original hospital papers nor anything with my signature.

When I sent DV I sent it CMRR.

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