Capital Assistance Group

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Anyone ever deal with or heard of this company?

As a proper debt validation, the creditor must send you details of the debt including the amount you have already paid and the amount outstanding including interest and other fees. The FDCPA requires both the bureaus and the creditors to remove incorrect information. I think that you should dispute the debt with the bureaus by certified mail with return receipt.

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Thanks for the advice. Will keep ya'll updated. Wish me luck!

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megan snow (not verified)

This debt showed up out of nowhere. they said that it is from 2004 it showed up in april my score has dropped 150 pts. I tried to dispute this but, it came back as verified. i don't know what to do. somebody help me PLEASE

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Hi megan snow

Did you get any prove in writing that you owe the debt, such as a signed contract with your original creditor or a promissory note? I am sure if you do not owe the debt then National Recovery wont be able to produce these documents. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act the collection agency cannot report an outstanding debt, if they have not been able to validate it. But because your scores have gone down it proves that they have reported it. Send a written notice to National Recovery either to remove the negative remark from your credit report or to face the law. Wait for about 2 weeks and still if your credit report is not corrected take legal help on account of violation of FDCPA. Send copies of the lawsuit papers to the collection agency(CA). Keep me updated about any further progress.

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Veronica (not verified)

I also had a collection pop up on my credit report from National Recovery Agency for Capital Assistance Group and it just so happen I am in the process of buying a house and refinancing another. i have disputed the collection account with experian and they did not take it off. i told them it did not belong to me. they have my name but an address i've never lived at and phone number i've never had AND the debt was from 2005. i'm going to report it to the BBB as suggested by mc78

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tpratt (not verified)

A debt from BMG/Columbia House reported a debt to Capital Assistance in the amount of $159.00. I was able to get a little information from the credit report. The merchandise was sent in my maiden name to an address that is seven years old. It was opened and turned over to collections in less than one year. I think this is a scam too. I am trying to get it removed from my credit report but would like my information removed from their mailing list so this doesn't happen again. Any suggestions please?

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Hi tpratt ,

You should sent a debt validation letter to Capital Assistance through certified mail with a "return receipt requested". Under the Fair Debt collection Practice Act, if they are not able to validate the debt within 30 days the collection agency should cease any further contacts. In case they are able to validate the debt you should check the Statute of Limitation(SOL) period in the state you live. If the debt is past the SOL period, send a dispute letter to the credit bureau and get it removed from your credit report.

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Mallik (not verified)

here are the details..i am in same boat too..disputed it with my credit agency and with Capital assistance group

4201 Crums Mill Rd
Harrisburg, PA 171122893
(717) 540-5612

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pamela (not verified)

I pulled my credit report today and saw that a collection was on there from NRA for $58. This is a shock because I have never heard of this company or anything. It is weird that all of a sudden this is happening to so many people. mc78 made a good point about the BBB. WE ALL NEED TO GO TO BBB.ORG AND FILE A COMPLAINT AGAINST CAPITAL ASSISTANCE GROUP! THERE IS POWER IN NUMBERS. I have disputed this through the credit bureau also.

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jenna (not verified)

How do I get ahold of these people, I have no idea and it's holding me back from buying a home.

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jenna (not verified)

:shock: I think I found out the REAL NUMBER it's 717-540-5612. Of course no anwsewr this late in the day eastern time. But I did leaver a message and first thing tuesday morning, I am going to call and gett his resolved. The other place in Arlington, Tx didn't work for me. The place on my credit report said Harrisburg and that's the address for this place 4201 Crums mill road Harrisburg, Pa. I hope this helps anyone in my situation cause it is so Fu***** frustrating. GOOD LUCK!

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originalman (not verified)

I sent a DV letter to them at the addy in Arlington CMRR and it was returned as undeliverable. I am sending one to the PA addy today. I got them on the phone once. I disputed this debt with the original creditor and got a good number to reach them, but they were very rude and secretive. Didnt want to give an address or anything. I informed them that I was recording the call and they hung up. This is going to be fun. Next I am filing FTC complaints, Attorney general complaints.....then the big ole lawsuit...they aren't registered with the ACA so who knows what kind of outfit they run. Their business profile says they have between 1 and 5 employees so they are small. It also gives the Arlington, TX adddress for them. I see FCRA and FDCPA violations just in my short dealings with them and once I finish with them they will be missing some $$$$$$$$....

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Bruxanne (not verified)

I spoke to Chris Murphy with Capital Assistance Group his number is 781-585-5087 he was very reasonable and understands everyone's frustration, I suggest talking with him and taking his suggestions, either with whom to dispute (he can give you all of the details) or paying off with a discount to have it erased from your report and out of your hair. As I've spent about 30 or so hours trying to get this resolved, it was nice knowing it was FINALLY over and done with! He also copied me on the e-mail to the bureaus to remove the collection from my account.

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shanowa (not verified)

I just recieved a copy of my credit report with a 51.00 balance to captal assistance group to nationalovery agenc. I have never recieved anything from these people havae no idea what i. and will inform everyone when I get to the bottom of their scam

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Hi shanowa ,

You can call the number Bruxanne has given. But I feel, you should have everything in writing. So it is best to send a debt validation(DV) letter to Capital Assistance Group, through certified mail with a return receipt requested. You will find a sample DV letter in the Letters of Credit section. If they are unable to validate the debt within 30 days after receiving your DV letter, you should dispute the debt with the credit bureaus.

Enclose copies of the DV request letter that you will send to Capital Assistance Group, along with your Dispute Letter. Under the FCRA, the credit bureaus are required to verify with the collection agency(CA). If the CA cannot prove that you owe the debt, it will be removed from your credit report.

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jessica verona (not verified)

i .am in the process of buying a home. on my credit report was a bill that i supposedly owed for 162.00 from Dec.08 but have never dealt with them. it was bmg music. THEY HAVE no recrd of my account.on my credit report it says to conact capital assistance,how if its only a voice mail i have tried to call several times and just a voice mail.somone needs to take action against them it sounds like thier taking peoples identities.Its not fair to anyone to have to deal with this we cant give up!

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Hi jessica verona,

Now that you have tried to contact the collection agency without success, you can dispute the debt directly with the credit bureaus. Visit the following link to find a sample Dispute Letter: .

The credit bureaus should investigate within 15 days, after receiving your Dispute Letter. If they are unable to prove the debt as yours, they should remove it and send you a copy of your updated credit report.

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Angie (not verified)

Thanks for the info, Scott. I'm not only doing a DV to BMG and Capital Assistance Group, I'm also sending a dispute to Experian about this and I'll be reporting it to the NYS Attorney General and the state attorney general where BMG and CAG are located.

"Funny" how it seems they focus people who are looking to buy a home. I'm in that boat, too, but there are numerous mistakes with dh's credit report.

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Feot (not verified)

I had this same issue happen to me, we applied with one bank in March and this particular item wasnt there. We didnt find a house and applied with a different bank and bam 2 months later its there on our credit report. Account open 1/2009-3/2009. I had no idea who they were. Im currently in escrow and one of the banks requirements to close on our house is to pay this off. I found a number for Capital Assistance and called them, i had no problem getting a hold of them. They told me it was for a BMG music for back in 2004. I remember at some point i probably did deal with BMG but i havent lived at the address they gave for a very long time. As a matter a fact i was living in a different state since 2003.
I couldnt wait to go through the whole dispute thing so i paid $75.54. I couldnt risk the bank not closing on our house because of $75.54.
If anyone needs to get a hold of them here is a toll free # 1800-3604319. The lady i spoke to was very kind. I also mentioned to her what i found on here, we all think its a scam of some kind.
The address she gave me was 2491 Paxton St Harrisburg, PA 17111.

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ire (not verified)

i have on my credit report a missed pay for $64.00 which i dont no where it came from whom are the persons or company. Ive never recieve a bill or any notice about this dept so how can i get this fixed???

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robin (not verified)

they appeared on experian for $86.00 as national recovery but not sure why, I am disputing but the addy for capital is 2491 paxton st, harrisburg, pa 77111

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Lovable27 (not verified)

Just to let everyone know, I too checked my credit report and found national recovery agency claiming I owed a debt of $128 from bmg music. I have ordered from them and owe them but it was in 2001 and they said the account was opened in jan 2009 and reported it march 2009. The thing is, bmg sends out offers through the mail and it already has your name and address on it. All you have to do is pick what movies or cds you want and send it back with postage already paid and they bill you later. So even if you've lived somewhere and move, unless you have your mail forwarded somewhere else those offers will still get sent to your previous address. Then who ever is staying there can buy the movies or cds and request to get billed later and not pay it, and thats why you all probably have it on your report. The only thing is they dont ask for your social security number so I dont know how they got it but, whenever you move its always good to get your mail forwarded. Im not a victim though...I do owe them, but this is the only thing I think of of why everyone is getting hit with this.

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ginger77535 (not verified)

Anyone having the problem with Capital Assistance Group AKA NRA for BMG music can file a complaint with FTC ( Federal Trade commission) 1-877-382-4357. 1-877-FTC-HELP. This is what I did.

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Ester (not verified)

I just called as well. What the guy told me is this company that sells CD and DVD recently sold it to another company. The previous owner did not pursue old account however the new owner is, so there you go. You know how you buy CD's and they keep sending you a bunch of crap you dont want. You have to buy a certain amount and if you dont, they will still bill you for it thus making you have delinquent bill. They claim to have tried to contact me however, being in the military, i have had 4 addresses since the one that they had on file. I do remember almost 7 years ago when i was 18!! buying this crap but I did not know about having to continue doing so. They told me my account was opened in Dec of 2002. So guess what, this December makes 7 years. You know the rest. They can suck it with there back hand and borderline fradulent business tactics.

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JS (not verified)

My husbands credit report was hit in January of this year with $71 past due - collection for National Recovery Agency-Capital Assistance Group. Only one of the big three bureaus continued to have it listed after disputing it with all three. It still remained on his report until today when we pulled his report again.
All I can say is DISPUTE, DISPUTE, DISPUTE; send debt validation letters to NRA and CAG demanding they respond within 30 days or remove the negative information; send letters and copies of the NRA and CAG letters to the credit bureaus also demanding they respond within 30 days or remove the negative information from the report; send follow up letters 30 days from the initial letters stating that 30 days have passed and still no response; send complaints to the Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau of DC and Eastern PA (the BBB for NRA) and The Association of Credit and Collections Professionals; and send them all Certified Mail. We even went so far as to send debt validation letters to the owners of NRA - Certified Mail, as well.

I cannot say what worked for us, but it has been a long 6 months fighting with these companies over $71, but it is well worth it after having this negative information finally removed from his credit reports.
The statute of limitations was well over for alleged debt and do NOT pay it no matter what the amount is or admit to owing it or you will have given in to these debt scavenging companies and the statute of limitations starts over again.

Keep hounding these companies until they finally remove the illegal, negative information from your reports! It’s the only way that they will remove it, plus according to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, by having these companies report this derogatory information on your report without notifying you first is a violation. This is what happened with my husband. We were only made aware of the debt after pulling his credit reports.
Good Luck and keep these companies swimming in paperwork!

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Joe (not verified)

I too recv'd a letter stating I have negative info. on my credit report. I then requested a free credit report. This CAG LLC was on there as negative info. I'm disputing it online thru Equifax along with an address dispute. I will also do a validation letter thanks to scotts post. Thanks!!

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Melody (not verified)

This has shown up on my report too. WEIRD!

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Amanda (not verified)

Yes, I guess I am another victim...I have no idea what this is until I looked on my credit report and noticed it as a claim of failure to pay a debt. I have never received ANY correspondence from BMG or CAP saying I owe money. I haven't used BMG in over 10 years. I disputed the claim through TransUnion/Equifax and they said the debt is valid (within a few days). So I disputed THAT, and received a statement from the credit report company saying they added an identity alert "as requested." I did not request that. I feel like I am receiving the run-around here!

Now that I have CAP's address, I am sending them a debt validation letter. What else do I need to do?

PS: I'm in Texas

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guest (not verified)

Capital Assistance Group is no longer at 801 E Border St Arlington, TX 76010. I live close to there, so I took the hour drive to speak to them in person reguarding my so called balance. There was a lot of businesses, but Capital Assistance wasn't there and no one there has heard of them...

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thuder (not verified)

Thanks for all the postings here. It really helped me to get my "nightmare" fixed quickly.
I am in the middle of getting a mortgage loan. My credit scores has be excellent for years and don't have any debts. I had a average of 800 when I checked my scores back in Feb. 2009. But the bank told me on 6/22 (2 days ago) that my credit scores from 2 of big 3s were under 700. I was really shocked.
After going over my credit report, I realized that NRA placed a collection account on me for CAG for $55. Basically that's what caused my score to drop more than 100 points. I disputed from credit reporting agency's website right the way. But I knew it takes time.
I called 717-540-5605 on Monday. The lady was reasonably polite and verified my account number. She said it's for BMG back from 2004 and asked me how I wanted to pay it. I told her that I am willing to pay only if this collection account would be removed. She told me that it would, then I asked for a written letter (pay for deletion) prior paying. But she said that they don't do it. I then called experian's dispute center and the gentleman told me that don't pay anything before getting a written letter from them to confirm that they will remove the account. He said they are obligated to do so. I then called NRA back again and a different lady answered the phone. After I told her what I wanted, she gave me a different story stating I only have 2 options: dispute or pay, but they will only sent "pay in full" to credit reporting agency and they don't do pay for deletion. I was so frustrated.
Long story short, I then talked to my bank and they forwarded all my information to this guy at FICO. This FICO guy set up a 3-way calling for me with a lady from NRA. She's very nice and promised that the collection account would be removed after I pay them. She also promised that she would mail (can't fax based on law) me a written letter to prove it's pay for deletion. Since the conversation was recorded, I took her words and paid it over the phone. Less than 24 hours passed, I just checked and the collection account has been removed and I got my score back before the credit card payment even went through.
Just in case someone is in the same shoe as me who does not have time to dispute, my experience confirmed that you CAN pay to have it removed from your credit report. NRA does PFD and it will provide you a letter if you ask. Hope it helps.

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Ellen (not verified)

Talked to that National recovery group Tony Santos was talking about, and they too took over my account from Capital Assistance. For anyone needing their number to see if they have yours too it's 800-360-4319, address: P.O. Box 67015 Harrisburg, PA 17106... Hope this info helps others in my situation...

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ralph (not verified)

does anyone knows the phone number for a live person at equifax

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Christine (not verified)

Thuder, or anyone else, do you have a contact name or number for the guy or anyone at FICO who helped you make a three way call and get this removed within 24 hours??

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Kris (not verified)

Thunda, or anyone else, how did you get in touch with a contact at FICO to intiate a three way call to get this cleared from your credit report immediatly upon paying?

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Amanda (not verified)

I sent a certified letter to CAP at 801 E. Border Street in Arlington disputing the collection, and it was deemed "undeliverable" and returned. This goes along with Guest's observation that the company is no longer located at that address, but 1) I cannot find another address for them and 2) It looks awfully suspicious!

I did dispute with Experian and they removed it, only after numerous certified letters to them, though.


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Johnny_Russell (not verified)

My account from BMG was taken over as well by National Recovery Group. You can find them at Thanks to "Thuder's" post, I called the (717) 540-5605 and they were VERY easy to work with. They are a ligit credit collector. As someone else said, I have not used BMG for some 10-15 years. However, BMG didn't actually close out the account on their end until 2004 and it wasn't reported to my credit report until June of 2009. As soon as I paid the debt, they removed the debt from all three credit reports and I received a letter from them showing the debt was paid in full. Then within the next 30 days, the bureaus will update as well. I however could not wait so I just called the bureaus and faxed in the letter showing paid in full and so far so good. Hope that helps!

National Recovery Group
PO Box 67015
Harrisburg, PA 17106
(717) 540-5605

Capital Assistance Group is no longer in business it appears which is why NRA Group took over all of these accounts.

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lisa (not verified)

Just got a credit update and found a collection status on my report from capital assistance group? Left msgs. several times, then recvd unknown caller on caller ID.? When someone checked she couldn't find my name in system? Told ME to call BMG co. and get accnt. info? How incredible is that ? And to call her back? What kind of operation is this? Who are they ? If they don't have on file, how did they report to collection agency ? Why wasn't I contacted first?

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lisa (not verified)

Just got a credit update and found a collection status on my report from capital assistance group? Left msgs. several times, then recvd unknown caller on caller ID.? When someone checked she couldn't find my name in system? Told ME to call BMG co. and get accnt. info? How incredible is that ? And to call her back? What kind of operation is this? Who are they ? If they don't have on file, how did they report to collection agency ? Why wasn't I contacted first?

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lisa (not verified)

Just got a credit update and found a collection status on my report from capital assistance group? Left msgs. several times, then recvd unknown caller on caller ID.? When someone checked she couldn't find my name in system? Told ME to call BMG co. and get accnt. info? How incredible is that ? And to call her back? What kind of operation is this? Who are they ? If they don't have on file, how did they report to collection agency ? Why wasn't I contacted first?

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lisa (not verified)

Just got a credit update and found a collection status on my report from capital assistance group? Left msgs. several times, then recvd unknown caller on caller ID.? When someone checked she couldn't find my name in system? Told ME to call BMG co. and get accnt. info? How incredible is that ? And to call her back? What kind of operation is this? Who are they ? If they don't have on file, how did they report to collection agency ? Why wasn't I contacted first?

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ian (not verified)

I had a credit check in january of 08 and paid some debts off now all of a sudden bmg music pops up from 07 I used bmg before but bmg says I have a closed paid account but other people say otherwise use 1866 7616582 can't reach a soul what do I do....and is this really a scam how do I check it out

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sarjo sowe (not verified)

i have got my credit report and it shows bmg music server that i owe them 167seven dollars which inever did ineed help to fix this.

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reasmith (not verified)

I'm trying to buy a home and all of a sudden on my credit report comes up BMG I call them they give me CAG, I call voicemail too. I'm getting ready to close on my house and they're saying I owe money. I don't even know who they are, How does that get on your credit report? I only have 2 weeks before I close, How can I fix this when like everybody else I can't get a hold of anyone.

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reasmith (not verified)

hey what about a class action suit against BMG & CAG, I called BMG and told them that the info they're giving to everyone is incorrect and that they need to stop telling people to call CAG because they are not responding. HOW ABOUT WE ALL GET TOGETHER AND SUE

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t olson (not verified)

dont call c a g I have had better luck with national recovery.717 540 7636. Good luck though! Paid off bill,but its still on credit report,and after being told to send them a self addressed and stamped envelope,they wont send a reciept so we can resolve the situation.

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I don't like the fact that many people never received any notice in the mail about this.

What about those people that don't know they can get a free credit report every year? What about those that don't check their credit reports? It is very distasteful and crummy that some of these debt collectors don't mail anything before ruining people's credit reports.

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BUD (not verified)


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Candace (not verified)

The # is 1-800-360-4319

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hicham2561 (not verified)

I sent them VDL and it was returned to me

801 E Border Street, Arlington, Texas - 76010

adressee Unknown

Any help

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Fight Back (not verified)

This is happening to me too. There are too many of us saying the same thing. It sounds like there is a definate scam going on and the amounts are low enough that people are willing to pay it to get it off of their credit report. That's exactly what they are hoping for. DON'T DO IT!!!! FIGHT BACK!!!Everybody PLEASE take the time to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and The BBB. If they start getting a lot of complaints they will look into it. Each person trying to dispute it individually is up against the odds. However, if we all band together and fight back we will get somewhere. I am filing 2 complaints. One for BMG Music and one for National Credit Solutions who the debt is listed under. If yours is listed under CAG, then complain on them too. and

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