debt judgment

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there's a debt judgment against me thats sitting in my credit report. I think it's been there since can i settle this or would this drop after 7 or 10 years? Please advise!!

Hi Hope,

You should first get hold of a copy of your credit report and make sure how old the judgment is. Check all the details regarding the judgment - the amount, amount paid before judgment(if any), and the account information. If any of the furnished information is wrong, you can dispute that with the credit bureaus.

However, if you have not paid the judgment amount till now, you ca contact the company and settle to pay the debt. You must get the settlements in writing. After the payment, you can report this to the credit bureaus, so that they report the judgment as settled.

A judgment remains on your credit report for 7 years. After that, it falls off a credit report.

Hope this helps.

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