garnished wages

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I read prev. notices regarding self employed and wage garnishments. You stated that the company can file judgement agianst the self employed and have my checking account garnished until the bill is paid in full. Are we given any notice in advance of the judgement. How does this work?

Hi Guest,

Can you tell form where you read the previous notices? You should be provided with a notice on the judgment. If the creditor or lender fails to do so, the debtor can file a motion to vacate the judgment.

You can visit the court from where the judgment has been issued, and request the court clerk to provide you with a form to file the motion to vacate the judgment. You will have to file this motion within 30 days from when the judgment was issued. However, if you were unaware of the judgment, you have 180 days from when you came to know about the judgment.



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