2nd Mortgage ?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 01/24/2012 - 07:39

Good Evening all,

I went through a divorce 2 years ago, the house went into foreclose. Anyhow the 2nd mortgage was "charged off", I received a letter from a collection agency tonight.
My question,
I'm sending them a VOD request as I do not recognize the name it says is the debtor we had the 2nd with. Do they need to provide, the original creditor? Do I ask for signed copies with my name and my ex's?

I was told not to file bankruptcy as I was paying what debit was given to me. I have since got my score up to 630 vs 540. So, I think I'm doing the right thing by trying to pay off what I owe or settle.

Yes, you are doing the right thing by trying to pay-off your debts. You will have to make sure about your debts before making payments. That’s why you can ask the collection agency to validate the debts. If they don’t give any reply, then forward them a Cease and Desist letter.

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