Credit repair

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I don’t have any idea about this matter. Let’s see what the other forum experts say.

nhogue83 (not verified)

So, my ex-wife supposedly opened a credit card at a credit union in both of our names about 5 years ago. After she filed bankruptcy last year they decided to come after me for the debt. The credit card never showed up on my reports until last October when they tried to come after me for it. I didn't know my name was on the credit card and so I disputed it. Last week I received a letter from the credit union stating that I could no longer use their services and that they would hold on to the title to my car that I am paying off through them and they were cutting my line of credit through them. My fiance and I are relying on this to help with the wedding. The $6,000 debt is not mine but I feel like there is nothing I can do but pay it off. Is this legal for them to come after me?

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