? charge off on auto loan

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Hello, I got a big problem, My 2005 altima was up for repo since june 08, they have made several attempts at my sister's house to get that car, but I don't live there, I had a car accident on 10/06/2009, I sustained a brain injury and just found out today that the car was totaled by the other person insurance Co. They want the car removed today and bring it to a salvaged lot. the cars value is approx. 9,000.
I owe over 16,000. with finance fees, legal stuff and what ever they decide to charge.

any ideas?

I believe I would call and let them know what happened and let them try and recover the money from the other persons insurance. I would say of course I'm no lawyer. That what they don't get from the insurance company you may have to pay the difference. As far as driving a car that they had been trying to repo for that long of a period and then find out it has been total. I have no idea on that part. I sure others will be able to help you better than me just stick around. You may want to talk to a lawyer I'm sure they would know what to tell you.

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