20k in debt and afraid to make the first step(s)!

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Soo, the short of it is, I was irresponsible with credit given to me at a much too tender age and now Im waking up, 20k in cc debt, just now realizing how much Ive kicked myself right in the butt!

What should I do to get this taken care of in the timeliest fashion? Should my approach be written? How much can I settle an account for (percentage wise) if I offer cash upfront, and is it true they'll write it off as paid in some instances? Its 20k, spread out around 3 cards, all fairly equal. I know to do one at a time, and a little about how I should size them up to know which first...

Ugh, I have to let it be known that all of the debt has been untouched this entire last year, I haven't accumulated anything new in about 2. Wow, what I mess I've made for myself! Help!

Thanks in Advance, Rai

First pull out your credit report and check whether the debt is still with the original creditor or has been sold off to a collection agency. Now send a debt validation letter by certified mail to the creditor or the CA who owns your debt. If you get proper debt validation, you can come to a pay for deletion agreement and pay off the debt under a repayment plan. If the creditor cannot validate the debt you need not make any payment towards the debt.

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First of all can you tell me how old is the credit card debt and the state where you have signed the credit card agreement?
Now, before paying off a credit card debt, you should check whether the statute of limitation on the debt has expired or not. If it has expired, you need not pay it off and the debt would get removed from your report after 7 years and six months from the date of your last payment towards the debt. If the SOL on the debt has not expired you can settle the debt at 40 to 50% of the outstanding debt amount.

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If you pay off anything be sure to get something in writing from these agencies, they are tough to deal with after something is paid. You will need a payment receipt to remove paid items from the bureaus.

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First step is to get a copy of your credit report. The best thing so you can move on with your life is to work with these companies and pay them off. Have you tried calling them? Have they tried taking you to court?

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P. Henry (not verified)

But what if you just want to transfer $20k - $30k of debt to a lower or no interest account and your credit is 700+ ?

Just wanting to be able to apply more of the money to the actual debt.

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NIRE (not verified)

Might I direct your attention to FTC.gov website. There are some red flag rules that banks have to abide by. It might be a good idea to try to find one that they haven't abided by and start complaining. I have received a single disclosure or statement but I have active accounts that I owe. these people are crazy. you should be "crazy" right along with them.

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