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I live in a house that is owned by a lender who owns his own lending business. he is a drug addict (cocaine, marijuana, psychedelics, etc) who is not only highly irresponsible - he has highly inconvienced me by telling me I have to move out (discriminating me because of my disability).

I feel it is my obligation to report him to any lending boards , etc because of the hassles I am going through and the legal stated fact that he abuses drugs as a lending company. I am out to let everyone know about this irresponsible individual because he has put my life under much stress.

my question is - are there any lending boards of the state of california i can report this to? is there anything I can do? Maybe have his lending license revoked? The guy abuses drugs constantly, and I have something against him, and I feel anyone ANYONE requesting a loan from a drug abuser has the right to know!!! What can I do to truly get this irresponsible and terrible renter / loan shark back?


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Please consult an attorney. I think it will be good solution for your problem.


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Yes I am filing punitive damages not in excess of $3000 believe it or not im not suing the land lord, and owner of the loan company, im suing the loan-ee, as he told the landlord he will not sign the loan processing documents unless I am kicked out because I am disabled and cannot drive.


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You need to document everything, every correspondence, every conversation and if possible have a witness to these events also. Sounds like you are dealing with one wacked out character. I would think that if he is posing himself as a landlord and as a loan shark you could potentially go after both entities, depending on how he represents himself in writing. I would defineatly follow the advice of the previous post and get an attorney on the case. Sounds like you are going to have a battle on your hands that isn't for the everyday person to handle. He may need a good lesson in business practice and you may be the one to take him to school on it. Probably no one has challenge his actions before. Goodluck and keep this forum updated, this should be interesting to follow.

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you must have an attorney and be very careful if he is a drug dealer he may retaliate by trying to cause you harm. make notes and document everything. keep your notes somewhere other than where you live in case they would break in your place find someone you trust and get them to help you so you have a witness. good luck and be careful drug dealers dont care, they eliminate those who get in thier way.

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