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i am really in need of loan, i have bad credit, but long term job. the only thing i have seen so far, is to apply at prosper, but my credit is under 520, they donot accept that type of credit. i am such a loser, at 43. if you know of any place, please let me know!

Well first of all dont call yourself a loser. You become loser if you think so otherwise you are as good as any. Bring in a fighting spirit in you. There are credit cards that provide you with low scores as well. You can look for them. Try credit unions. They might be of some help.

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43 is a cool age... :) you are still young enough to get out of the burden. Try credit unions for loan purpose. A few things to go before you keep living on loans

* Check your earning. The amount of money that you earn.
* Make a list of all the necessary expenses that you have every month. This means that this amount of money has to go out of your pocket every month eg. bills, mortgage etc.
* Now check how much is left with you after all the necessary expenses. Now from this amount of money see whether you can save some. If you find out that you can save a few dollars go ahead and do that. But make sure you save the same amount or more every month. The more you save the more close you are to becoming debt free. This saved money can be used during the hours of need.
* Dont make unnecessary expenses. Eat home cooked meals rather than dining out.
* As the price of gas is rising try not to use your car for walkable distances.
* Dont go for a random buy. Make a list of required items before you shop so that a shopping plaza does not make you lose all the money behind buying redundant things.
* Try and make a back yard sale. Old items that you dont need can be sold over ebay or other sites(check online for that). For urgent requirements sell these old stuff to acquire money rather than opting for a loan.
* And the most important of all is STAY AWAY FROM PAYDAY LOANS. Never ever try that. You will be doomed.

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Hi, Cool. Yea...don't call yourself a loser. EVERYONE has credit issues. I know things can get difficult, but,....look at it this way. If you think you've hit 'rock bottom', the ONLY way to go now, is 'up'. There are some loans out there, that advertise for 'low credit', or 'bad credit loans'. These types of things you don't need anyway. Such a high % on them...and then you REAALY will be in debt, trying to pay these people off!! Stick to a plan! Here's my motto......'one thing at a time'. doesn't seem as overwhelming that way. Hope this helps.

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mrscoolh2 (not verified)

thank yall, i do feel better, but sometimes when you are at a low, you donot think it can get better! i have already messed up with payday loans, tons of them, but i can only do so much on them, i am done, but i still owe. thanks for your advise!

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I completely understand!! That's what I like, about these forums.....EVERYONE on here has gone through the same thing. I DO know about 'feeling low'. can look at it this way...if you feel
low', the only way to go is 'up'. Does that make sense?

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:) Im sure it does make sense. We are on the same platform and we understand and share the same feelings. Thats why it is easy for one to share their state of mind in this forum.

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We have all been in a rough situation from time to time, it is nice to have a place to come in and be honest and get it off your chest.

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Hi mrs! glad you found the forums...lots of supporters here, like good said we've all been there in one way or another and that's why we're here now to support each other and give solid/sound advice. i hope you visit again soon and let us know how you're doing. you're far from a loser! you're DOING something about your situation and you've found a good place to 'mingle'

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Debt can be so frustrating and mentally degrading at times, we all need a support system and I think this is an awesome place to come and discuss issues, get it out in the open and you feel much better knowing that you are not the only one.

I am glad to be here among friends getting some good advice and hopefully giving some too.

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Hi all...i work in a credit calling center and I talk with people each and every day who are frustrated, we really try to make them feel like they are honorable people BECAUSE THEY ARE! people make mistakes and there are organizations even help groups that help. I'm pretty new here but it didn't take me long to realize that there are good people who care about each other and really want to help, and oh yeah...they have personalities and can have fun too :)

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I have fun on the forums, too!!!! It makes me feel better, knowing I can get advice and help, from those in the 'same boat'. If I din't want to 'better my life, I wouldn't be here. There are 'good people' on this forum!!!! Keep up the good work, everyone!!

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Its really great to see satisfied words splashed in the forum. Its true that we share a lot but never knew that we were so happy with everyone here. Thats impressive :)

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there are a lot of loan companies that will loan you due to good work record youll pay a higher interest rate until you establish good credit try a small loan company . get a small loan after you repay so much they offer more after a few years of good credit payments., ask a bank. most banks dont do big loans with credit from loan companys because they consider if you have good credit you wont use a high interest loan company. i was told that from my bank advisor.

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