PDLS are killing me... Pls help

Submitted by kimbri on Mon, 11/19/2007 - 16:32

I am a single mother who got a pdl for 200.00 they have taken 90.00 x 4 and just hit my account for 140.00. I called to get the payoff and was told I still owe 325.00. What can I do. I live in NC. I know this was stupid but was between a rock and a hard place. What can I do. How can I stop this?[/b]

Hi Kimbri, welcome to the forums. i would strongly suggest you visit the debt forum and type in their search bar (you'll find it on the upper right hand corner) north carolina pay day loan...you'll see that many people have had this problem adn that you're not alone. obviously this company has taken more than they need to and now that they have access to your bank account they can dip their hands in. So, please call your bank and see if they'll stop access to this company. you may very well have to close your current account and open a new one.
good news is (and i got this from the debt forum) is that pay day loans are prohibited in your state which means you fuly have the right to send them a letter demanding the stop of their collection practices. send it certified. please go to the debt forum as they'll have more info than i do presently but there's good news here. you can stop this! let us know how you're doing ok

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Hi Kimbri dont worry. When did they hit your account? If it has not crossed the 60 days bar go ahead and ask your bank to do a reverse pay for you.
PDL's are illegal in NC as debtstinker mentioned and they have already taken more than the original loan. Kimbri stay away from the Pdl's they will just suck you out. During urgent necessity of cash talk to family or consider a payroll advance.

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Have you made it to the debt forum, there is tons of information there with lots of people that have dealt with the payday loans, you will get lots of help there.

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There are a lot of people there who are involved with the very companies that you are dealing with, go to the top of the page, click debt forum, and post your information there, some one will help you out.

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Anonymous (not verified)

you can try to stop the bank from advanceing the payments they nay charge a small fee but not what your paying now ask your bank for a solution. then contact legal services . good luck

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contack your bank explain it to them and put stop payment on that account and then contact a legal service in your area.

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