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It is so easy for everyone to say budget here and there but what about when it gets to the point where you can't budget anymore and you have no social life and never do anything for entertainment-why are we even here.

I think budgeting is okay. It means that you are using money wisely instead of spending it too much. You are thinking of you and your family's future. Of course you also have to set aside some extras for you to have social life. Me and my wife does this, but we can still go out during our offs. In this way, you have a future ahead of you without worrying too much about financial. There will always be a time that an emergency will ask you. So no need to worry. :-)

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Why will you go to such an extent where you'll get burned out and stop following a budget altogether? Rather, be practical and allocate a little amount of income for merry-making, but remember that budgeting is your priority and not the other way round.

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