How do you earn extra money?

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How do you earn extra money?

Phone time really??? wow, never never knew how versatile ebay is! man ebay really hit me with the fees, trying to sell things just didn't work out. hmmmm maybe we could create a new thread in the pubfeedback forum that says 'topic generation'! perhaps i'll do that , then all of us that write and are experiencing that mind numbing block can generate some income :)

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I got rid of my cell phone and went back to the tracfone, I usually only fire it up in the winter or if I am going to travel alot, I always buy my minutes on ebay and then go to tracfone to redeem them. But I always google bonus codes and write them down to make sure that I am getting the most for my money, I really save alot by doing this. Time on a phone can get really expensive.

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i'm a single mom ,also. SOOO....every penny counts!! i habve sold things, in the past. And I'm glad other people can use them ( ie..son's clothes he outgrew, etc.). Other single moms really appriciate it. I have this saying,..." if you are trying to help yourself, I'm willing to help ( if I can ), too." I have seen OTHER single moms that, for some reason, think they are 'obligated' to be helped. Life doesn't work that way. Besides.I think you have more respect for yourself, if you know you're trying to give your children a 'better' life.

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You are right, being a single parent is tough, I am not but deal with single parents on a daily basis at work when they are seeking employment. I try to suggest ways for them to save as well as earn money, sometimes it is like talking to a brick wall, they just don't want to hear. I have no problem purchasing clothing off ebay for myself, my hubby or our child. We may have crossed paths on ebay, lol.

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You are setting a real good example for your children also, How old are they? How many children do you have?

I see generation after generation at work feeling like others are obligated to help them. I think the system has put this mentality in their heads. It is sad and not productive at all. These kids live with the bare minimums clothes wise, and unfortuneatly housing wise and educationally. I would be very upset if the education system treated my daughter the way some of these parents let them treat their kids.

I was beside myself one day, when a young lady told me the medication the guidance center had her kid on and the blood this child endured to be on it. It was for ADHD, the medication could affect her childs liver, she wants the child on social security and will not listen to me. Take the mountain dew and candy away and see the difference. Unfortunately this kid lives on this junk, his only descent meal is at school. I will probably see him as an adult in my offender program, sad but true.

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that's horrible....unfortunately the programs you mentioned good are well intentioned i think but have little thinking behind them. i have known people (including my parents) who have used community based programs that are federally funded and they used them while they needed them and then let others have the benefits of using them when in need. It's not just at your work good, I used to teach at a university and while not all, there were some students who have a serious issue with self entitlement. What on earth would happen if another depression happens again? hope to God not...
We are good examples for our kids to follow. if you work hard, even if your luck is down, you will get out of an oppressive situation and your kids will see that you never settle! budgeting can actually be pretty fun. there's a place here in town that triples coupons sometimes and that week i get stuff for free, it's really neat! that saves up money for our baby's expensive formula and diapers

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i am 43 years old. I have a wonderful 14 year old boy!! I work full time and serve in the miltary ( Army Reserves). I DO keep busy!! I just feel if someone helps themselves, WHATEVER it may be ( school, work,etc.) they just feel better about themselves...ya know?? I've bought a few things, off of Ebay, myself. Even if I put away a few cents each week.that adds up!!

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You do an awesome job sdchargers, you are setting a great example for your kids. I know it is hard being a single mom but you will be ok, just keep working hard and things will happen for you. Like being involved in these forums, you do a great job advising people and lending a listening ear for people to vent. Hang in there, we are behind you one hundred percent.

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SD you rule!! I have worked with many single mothers in my previous job and I see them with the motivation and determination to do whatever it is that their families need. many of them hold down 2 or more jobs, they're tired, don't have time for themselves, yet keep on going and they're to be commended. They never knew it or maybe never will, but they impacted me and set an example. When I think i'm tired I think of some of my former clients (some of whom i have a good relationship with now) and it puts something like my own fatigue into perspective. like good said, you'll be just fine it's obvious you're a hard worker and will do whatever it takes for your son :)

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You hit the nail right on the head debtstinker, a child will learn from these parents and hopefully get some good foundation values to build on. I have a client right now who is a single father, his wife passed away unexpectedly, they have four children ages four through thirteen. It is especially hard for him because he was not the stay at home parent, she was, now that she is gone, he has to pull both ends. I think women adjust quicker to these roles than our male counter parts. He is struggling, but will be okay, I think. He is planning to further his education and work at the same time. Should be a real challenge, fortunately he has a great relationship with his children and they are supportive of his plans. He has little family support outside of them.
Parenting is tough enough with two in the household, So I give kudos to those who manage to play both roles and be successful at it.

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oh my gosh so sad! for all the single fathers out there, are there programs available to help him shoudl he need it? i mean i don't know if he's in financial need and i know that you can't divulge too much, but you don't hear about single fathers much. I thought there was a program in Philadelphia for single fathers, wondering if there's any in the community to help.
yes, parenting is hard at time sbut so very rewarding .i'm very glad to hear that he has a good relationship with his children.

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He was a tough nut to crack at first, alot of religious beliefs that interfere with progress sometimes, but he is starting to come around. He had some beliefs that I never heard of before, but I did not question them, not my place to. When he decided to move forward, he made some adjustments and come in on our earn program, other casemanagers are also involved with him now so he is in good hands. Hope he takes advantage of what we have to offer and put it to good use in a positive way that will benefit his family.

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I cannot compare the capability of a father to a mother. Both have the parenting role to play. The only difference is the father is mostly the wage earner and can give the minimum time to the family. A mother on the contrary has to give the time.

However when responsibility comes it is the individual and his/her want to do something which helps a lot. He is the father and he knows his responsibility. So he will work towards it. I am pretty impressed that the kids will be now fathered and mothered by the same person. All the best to the family. :)

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This is how I feel about 'issues'......I've heard SOOO many single moms say, " if you father doesn't do..( whatever)..he can't see you." That's 'playing the child', in my opionion. You may NOT get along with the 'other half', but, it took BOTH of you to have that child and the child NEEDS both of you. My ex and I SOMETIMES get along..however, my son sees his dad everyday. Who am I to tell my son he CAN'T see his other parent? That's just 'playing games' with the child and using them as well.

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SD you're humans our pride and anger often come in the way of our priorities, our children. they deserve two parents if at all times, like in the case of good's client, that's not possible. sd you are very strong and your children will thank you both in the future :)

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Being a single mom or dad is really very difficult but its true that the child needs both and should be able to interact and spend time with both unless some sever circumstances. I remember my friend lost her father when we were in standard seven. She was a father's daughter. We could see the trauma in her eyes. I guess she pulled herself together by now. It is true that destiny decides what you have to face in life. I agree with your point Wendy but somehow its always not possible to get both when God does not allow.

We human beings can help when things are in our hands just the way you are doing. Your son definitely has a wonderful life and will turn out to be a strong man because he gets the love of both the parents. I pity those parents who take custody of their child after a divorce and do not allow the other half to pay even one visit to the child who came from both of them. This frustrates me a lot.

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There is a neighbor of mine, a 14 year old girl, who comes and visits me alot. She is a VERY sweet girl..just seems like she has no 'direction'. Her parents are divorced, and she tells me ( ALOT) that her mom won't let the kids see their dad much. From what she tells me, there isn't alot of 'stability' in the family.not alot of communication ( and this is very sad). She says she tries to talk to her mom about certain issues, and her mom just says, " I don't want to hear it." Communication is one of the most important things you can have in a family.

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DO want to add one more thing!.............those who are struggling financially ( what I see included!!LOL) may be looking for extra ways to make money. And they post it on the forum. But, ( and I've been REALLY 'overlooking' this, too!) every time you make a post, that 'you' need to make extra money, 'you have ALREADY made a few cents...just by posting about extra money!! My point is..we all 'overlook' the 'small' things, when we have SOO many 'big 'things on our monds. Hope this made sense to everyone.

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Excellent post sdchargers.

My point is..we all 'overlook' the 'small' things, when we have SOO many 'big 'things on our minds.

I simply loved the way you portrayed your idea. Yes we do need to be careful about the smallest things, overlooking which actually reduces the number of opportunities that we get.

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Hi SD, yes that makes sense! I like it here posting, very personable and knowledgeable people here to help me and others. and really didn't think much about the money as it is a way for me to learn and interact which is important. Stay at home mothers choose a very different lifestyle than they were once used to and one of the compromises (which is very worth it to raise a little human) is to eliminate adult contact :) Not only can I talk to adults but I can ask pertinent financial questions knowing that I'll get good relevant answers

not that I don't like being around little ones either...but typically one year olds don't converse much :) getting used to the coos and babbles lol

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HI Zergonese

This is a credit repair forum. If you have any inquiry regarding your credit and need advise on financial issues you can post here.

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Debtstinker, you are right about compromise, oh my, I don't think I would be happy being a stay at home mom, I need the outside work world stimulus, I was off for 20 days straight for surgery and even though I was in pain, I was going insane. I could not wait to go back to work. How are you handling it? How is your job search going?

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Yeah some people good are just career minded people and that's ok as long as you realize your wants and needs! You have a little one to keep you occupied when you go home so you are a busy busy person im sure. I handle it better some days than others. ever since I actually found some things to do to occupy my mind it's not so bad lately. I write and visit the forums to post and found a great support group. job search, so slow. never in my life have i had so much trouble in finding a decent job that not only I will like, one that pays as childcare is an issue now. recently had an interview and hoping something will materialize out of that. applied to my old company like 2 months ago and STILL haven't heard anything about that. I've kept in contact with someone there and he said they still haven't even looked at the resumes. now this is a grant funded position that ends in June. they need this person but i guess they don't need them too badly ;)
can ya tell i'm frustrated ;) no all in all things are good, appreciate your help and you asking about me.

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Maybe it was not meant to be then, keep your chin up something will come along eventually.

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Dont worry debtstinker. It is only a job. Are you trying for a full time job? And oh yes :D you can earn from this forum as well.

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Have you heard anything about your interview on Tuesday yet? Did she say when she will make her decision? Sounds like a real good position with really descent benefit and the pay is not bad either.

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Hi ladies...thanks for haven't heard anything as they say that they'll be lucky to do reference checks and arrange for 2nd interviews prior to thanksgiving. So now it's a waiting game and that's ok. I'm so fortunate to have found this site for sure. Also I do some other things, ptcs sometimes and sendearnings is pretty nice. that adds up if you take surveys that don't take long at all. i write like i said little things that add up. hubby finds little ways too to make extra cash.
also with sendearnings you can play games for cash...still contemplating that one. will be fun but may be too tempting :) thank you for the support. as soon as i hear anything from the two jobs i applied to i'll let ya know. shoot you'll prolly 'hear' me doing the happy dance, hootin and hollerin ;)

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Oh i forgot to ask...does anyone recycle for money? ir ead somewhere on the debt forum that someone makes like $1400 a month doing that!!! i wonder if we can do that too...we live near a dumpster. ummmmmm does that sound too desparate? lol

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I can't imagine someone making $1400 in recycling, what are they recycling. I can't imagine dumpster diving for a few cents, LOL. But I guess you do what you have to do. My younger brother is a junker, he takes in all types of metals, including full cars, they get about $200-$300 a car and they work their tails off. I can't imagine how much recycling you would have to do to make that much money. If you do decide to do it, take some one with you in case you fall in.

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oh my gosh lmao!!! am i allowed to use that acronym? oh i hope. I"ve never fallen in cause i haven't started yet ;) no i kid you not there was a person that said he makes up to $1400 a month. i'm sure that he works his butt off for that and goes to quite a few places. i'm still contemplating's apretty big dumpster ;)

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Are you out of your mind??????????????? You just stay out of that dumpster or the next thing we know you will be on here telling us that you have a concusion or a broken leg!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Din't youe mother ever tell you not to play in dirty dumpsters??LOL Yea..I agree with Goodnatured...'dumpster diving' is probably not the best thing to do.

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I just can't imagine that you would make that much doing it, LOL. Could you imagine if it was, waste management trucks would be out of business, people would be stealing trash from the curb in the middle of the night. LOL.

I just think it would be much more hazardous than it would be worth!!! Oh, I can't even imagine what you would run into, yuck!

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Yeah hubby told me not to mess with that....i mean if you saw my kid's dirty diapers that would turn ya off to the idea completely!! he did say that you would make minimal that his uncle does this now and makes pennies to the dollar because the worth is gauged by weight. I feel so loved though :) :) wink dumpster diving for me :)

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Your hubby just don't want you in the headlines in the local newspaper! LOL
I can see it now:
"Local woman makes fortune in trash"
"Dumpster Diving Diva makes first million"
Of course you can wear your super woman outfit for the photo shoot, LOL.

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Wow, you guys talk about a lot on this forum don't you!! I would think it would be a punishment to go dumpster diving...I used to have unconventional ways of making extra cash like writing a paper for money or something in college. tutoring is nice too giving art lessons another way. but dumpster diving that's a new concept. people are very protective of their dumpsters. my brother in law lived with some guys who used a neighbors dumpster and all the stuff that they threw away ended back up on their porch!!

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Hi desiree yes we do! you can tell we're a fun bunch eh? don't worry no dumpster diving i can't stand dirties or as we call it with our animals 'dirtays'
really my mom was worried about me being able to change my child's diaper. i do ok cause he's mine but i can't guarantee a great job on another baby. ahemmmm...superwoman eh??? i think cat woman purrrrrrrrrrr and they don't like dirtays either lol thanks SD for havin my back :) :)

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Gotta ? for all of you. I just got a couple of opps to return receipts for rebated items that will be paid in full. I know my mom 20 plus years ago belonged to a rebate club where her friends would get together maybe once a week to exchange rebate ideas etc. Is there such a thing now that any o fyou know about? she said she got some many things for free it was rediculous and the money she got back she vested away in a savings. let me know i'll try to do some research too. i love REBATES!!!

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Let us know, we are waiting, aren't you done yet? come on now, we need that information!

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Good are you asking me a ? or are you responding to another post?? persistant aren't ya? ;) I was hoping others could shed some light on my question. i'm not sure that the rebates are very popular anymore.

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YEAH.....'get with the program'..LOL I want to know how to do this, too!! Alittle extra money, for a single parent, can come in handy!! Reabates??.do they work?

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Do rebates work?
Well the mails that i get thrashed with daily are pretty irritating. I dont know whether they are rebates at all. The prices are increased and on that a discount is allowed. No use as it seems to me. :)

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I send them in every now and then, but if I don't need the product, I will not buy it just because of a rebate.

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Just like me Goodnatured. I buy things when I need and ofcourse at the best price available :)

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This is smart, no sense in buying something if you are not going to use it. Rebates are good on commonly used products such as over the counter medications and such. I always think they inflate the price before offering the rebate and sometimes what you have to go through is not worth the headache. I bought a new computer that had several different rebates, it was a pain, I only did it because it was a good amount of money. I don't know why they can't just drop the price, I like instant rebate myself.

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got you there, if you need it buy if not don't. I would rather have the instant rebate offers too, right there on the spot.

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These forums are a great way to earn a few dollars. I seen in another posts several ways of saving money, some real smart tips there. Yes, good, it is instant rebate or probably no rebate for me. When I bought the new computer, it was one for the tower, one for the monitor and one for the printer, it was ridiculuous when they could have just knock the money off right from the start. I can't imagine that it saves the companies any money, they have to pay the manpower to process all those rebates, so why not have the cashier do it at the store or the checkout on the computer checkout do it. That just makes more sense to me and would prompt me to buy the product if I needed it.

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Hey Morningstar, never heard of epoll that's cool. I just used my points for my christmas shopping and well on my way to getting gift cards or you can donate them/points to charities. nice program...same with you it's slow but if you're patient then you'll get rewarded. in addition you can do surveys i think. i mainly use sendearnings to shop and do surveys, you get cash back on your purchases. there's over 600 stores you can shop from and they keep track of the rebates you earn. oh lovin the avatar you have there, where did you get it. it's cute!

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