Searching for options for good investments!!!

Submitted by Roxxio on Tue, 07/22/2008 - 05:32

Hi everyone, I have a few months left in my company before I retire …. and I would like to know about the options that I can consider for my retirement plan. I am taking about some real good investments so that I get my future secured (want it secured for the kids too). I have a few options that I can look up to like REI, mutual funds and stocks…..but need a bit of advice from you to make a better decision.

Apart form the ones that you have stated there are many more options…..but as far as I am concerned I would consider a wise investment in RE as that is one of the secured options that I know. You just need to hook up a good REconsultant or a real estate investor that can guide you in your investments. That can be good for the future prospects too and will definitely give you a more secure investment than any other.

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I agree with Real Estate...have you looked into this area yet?

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I really like the shows where they buy the homes and flip them, they seem to make a descent amount of money off them as long as they can stay in budget, have you considered this option?

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I don't know about the real estate or the flipping. I had seen a special on the economy and they had advised not to do the flipping because of the housing market and with the mortgage crisis an d homes not selling for their worth would this truly be a good investment. I guess if you ould buy a house way below its value and add the needed repairs when the market did turn you may yield a return. Its just sounds a little risky at this point.

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