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I have received papers from a lawyer for a creditor that i had stopped paying. I am 70 and my husband is 80 and between all the medical bills and pills i wasn't able to pay my electric bill. I was 2 months behind so I had to stop paying my credit card bill. Now they sent me papers telling me I have 20 days to send a letter to the court. They say there going to freeze my account, we only live on a retirement and social security.What should i put in that letter?

Igede (not verified)

$12,000 in credit card debt???Jesus f'ing chrsit I'll bet you don't have anything to show for it either do you??If you do sell that sh** and pay them off. You could make massive payments on that much credit card debt and the interest alone will eat up the payments leaving you owing the same amount.You can try talking to some local debt consolidation places, but my main suggestions would be:A) sell off anything you have of value, and use it to pay off those cardsB) chop those f'ing cards up (if you haven't already).C) stop spending money on sh** you can't afford.Sorry to be so harsh, but $12,000???? That requires harsh.

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