Response to a Validation of Debt Letter

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 08/11/2011 - 05:16

I requested Validation of Debt and did receive the information. I owe the debt. I now need to respond. The letter I received was not signed by an Attorney-it is a Law Firm(representing Zwicker & Associates, P.C.) original creditor was Discover Card. The form letter just closes with Respectfully, and the Law Firm Name.
Do i just ask for a payment plan and if so how do I word the letter? Can I ask for a settlement amount if I do not have a lump sum to pay at this time - I would like to make some lump sum payments at the first of the year and at the end of the first quarter. Just not sure how to write the letter - do you have some samples? I couldn't find one.

There is no such kind of sample letter. You can consult with a financial counselor in this regard. I hope he/she will help you to write this kind of letter. You can also contact with the law firm and inform them about this issue.

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