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I was served a court summons from the Common Pleas Court indicating that a creditor that owed me money was filing for receivorship and subsequently I received documents they are filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy. I am going to do this pro se. Money is an issue. I was to be paid on money I collected. I began working with several of their past due clients, having meetings, reconciling the past due accounts, etc. The company stopped paying me, even though I was successful getting past due money.

they are a condo association
i was contracted to provide book keeping services
then added collections - with an agreed 25% of amount collected.
as mentioned, I collected for them for two months and was able to collect 100% of the amount due from those I contacted. I was working with additional homeowners, having attending face-to-face meetings, telephone conferences, reconciled 10 year old accounts, wrote letters. I believe I would have truly been able to collect something from most of those I began negotiating with. Can I ask the court to consider reimbursement for potential income?
Thanks in advance.

At first you should give a reply to the court summons. I think it would be better for you to consult with an attorney in this regard. I hope he/she will guide you to solve your problem.

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