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how much spending money did you guys have for your honeymoon is $2000.00 too much we are going to the goldcoast 4 nights so thats effectively 3 shopping sight seeing days i was just wondering how much is normal i think $2000.00 is too much what do you think?

We're going to Thailand for 9 days and taking $3000 for spending, I guess it depends on what you are planning on buying and what you plan on doing but I think $2000 sounds like a good amount.

Enjoy :D

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$2000 should be plenty for four nights on the Gold Coast.

Better to over budget than under budget. Put it this way, take the $2000 with you and anything left over at the end of the trip is a bonus!

have fun :lol:

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omg, a honeymoon, what is that? That does sound like a good price though, you only do it once right. Have fun and enjoy!

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