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Submitted by shala on Sun, 09/20/2009 - 04:06

I receive a petation from them for a credit card I wasn't able to pay at the time. Call Easton group, they ask do I want To make Payment arrangement. I reply yes. They sent a request for payment arrangement form for me to sign along with it came consent judgement for me to sign . Do anyone know should I sign it. Oh there no payment amount or how long I have to pay it off on this form.

Hi shala

Well, IMO, if you are signing any agreement, you must get it clearly from them as to what is the agreement actually. The payment that you make to them must be the final settlement and the debt should be done with. If this debt is reflecting in your report, you may also request them for a pay for delete. I see no harm in you signing this form but make sure that the information provided is to the best of your interest. Ask them how much they are willing to settle the debt for. Do not sign on anything if you are not convinced or before you totally understand the agreement.

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Hi Shala,

If there is no mention of how long you have to pay and what is the amount you have to pay, then do not sign it. It is not going to help you in anyway. First, call the creditor and inquire about these questions and decide only after you get a clear reply from them on the amount and the time period. If this payment plan does not help you get rid of the debt, then there is no point signing such a form.

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You're welcome Shala :) Do let us know if there is anything more you'd like to know.

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