Would like to share my Blog with everyone!!

Submitted by sdchargers_63 on Tue, 10/09/2007 - 04:59

Hi ya'll!!! I recently posted a new Blog. I haven't written a WHOLE lot in it, yet. But, I'm having fun with it. Can everyone give me feedback, advice on how I can 'jazz it up', etc? Thanks. Blog is http://marty.yesdebtfree.org. Thanks.

Phew thats is cool. I went through the blog posts. keep it up

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Right. Even I am contemplating running a blog by myself if I can gather some time for it.

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I am having fun with it.........sometimes it's rough to try to write in it everyday. But.....that's ok......................if anyone would like to 'resond' to my blog, please do.

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After going through your blog I will definitely respond to the posts. Dont take too much pressure, have you been asked to post on a regular basis? If not you can relax and choose meaningful topic to write upon. :) just a piece of advice.

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Hi, Laura. Yea....Simon says it's a good idea to try to post on a daily basis. Sometimes, with my schedule, that just can't happen. Just been REALLY busy. I'm just having fun with it right now. Thanks for the advice.

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Anytime :). Well keep blogging...and keep u posted as well :)

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The last thing I posted was about my family...concerning the firesin California. GOSH!!! I have just been GLUED to the news lately. I have alot of friends that live out there, too.

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Yes i have seeing on TV about the fire. It seems so pathetic that nature can really hit back and we have to see helplessly.

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ALOT of people lost their homes and properties........my family had a home to go back to. Hard to explain why....but, I'm SOO grateful they DID have somewhere to go back to.

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Well pretty simple, they are safe so you are grateful to God. So am I. But the videos I got to watch on TV was pathetic. Morning till night only devastation and dead bodies. What dreadful incident.

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Born and raised in San Diego, i was devasted, myself. My FAV football team is San Diego Chargers. They DID play at home, this past weekend. People, at the gates, were taking donations, to give to Red Cross, for the families. My sister is a 2nd grade teacher. She said 81 students, from 'her' school, lost their homes. The school is giving donations, as well, to help these families.

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Its time for us to give support to them. Even a dollar help can save their lives.

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If 'hardships' come upon people, ESPECIALLY children, it just puts a 'hole in my heart'. Children are the most precious 'gifts' anyone can have. And..losing everything you have??.how horrible!!

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Yes thats true Wendy. I empathize with the parents who lose their kids. For a parent his or her child must be the world. But again fate has to be accepted in order to move on with life if one wants to.

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