Would Housing Market Show Slight Rebound ?

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Even as new home sales continue to plummet, a number of contractors have braved the crisis and push through with their building projects. Reports showed a slight increase in building permits and housing starts last month, both in contrast with the expected decline for the first quarter.

Hello cdloanmod,

I don't know if I'd call it any kind of rebound quite yet. Althgouh there are still a few area across the US where the housing markets are still in full swing and new homes are being built, it still doesn't mean that most of the country's housing markets aren't still suffering.

I think it will probably be atleast another year to two before we start to see any kind of rebound in the housing market that can be felt nationwide. But if you know the right areas there is still money to be made off of building and flipping houses.

Thats just my two cents...

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