Credit Score Tracker for iPhone/iPod

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"Credit Score Tracker" for iPhone/iPod. It's out now. Only one on the App Store currently as far as I can find.

Search for "Credit Score Tracker" on the App Store.

Hi Ethanwa,

Yeah, I have also heard about this. This financial application is really going to help us in a lot of ways. We will be able to track our credit scores and be updated about our credit situation.

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Hi Ethanawa'

Thanks for the information,It will be worth checking out. I have that sort of thing attached to mine now. But I'm sure it has been updated with this. I was looking for something that you could keep up with all three credit scores at once without having to pay separately. Do you know if this works that way. I have alot of changes going on with my report in the next few months. So I not only want to see that they have been corrected on my report but also want to know the how my score was affected. Any additional info would be appreciated.

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I don't have the iphone, but my boyfriend does. I think i am going to have him check it out. He's always getting apps for his phone that are useful. Thanks for posting about this.

Do you know if it tracks just ONE credit score, or if it is set up with the ability to track a spouse or something. I know that the football game apps allow for more than one team to be tracked. I'm just curious is the credit score tracker is the same way!?

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I really want an I phone. I have been debating for a long time...Is this phone a lot like the blackberries where you pay one fee a month or is it billed differently? I really think the credit score app is going to be good. I wonder if there is a fee to this.

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iphones do have a monthly "data plan" that you for additionally on top of your regular phone minutes & text plan. There are apps for free, apps that you pay for [usually just a few dollars], & some apps have monthly bills that go along with using the app- like the credit card processing app costs like 20 bucks a month THROUGH the servicer of the app NOT through AT&T. I don't know how much the fee is for the credit score tracker or if it has the "monthly fees".

I want it too. It's awesome. I'm sticking with my REVOL for now though; as it is the cheapest option I have at the moment. My bfs phone is a company phone, so we don't have to worry about the bill. :)

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I think I may pass. It seems like the cell bill would end up being more than my house payment! We afre just getting back on our feet and I can get a lot of the information for free on the net. It almost sounds like a credit card. You know how you think well whats one more shirt or one more house item. Pretty soon it all adds up and the bill can get out of control. Yes it is cool to have but is it worth the bill? Also how important is it to have all this stuff on your phone. It would be nice but how often does anyone pull their score or credit report if not rebuilding credit? Just a thought.

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Hey fireyone that is a good point my cell phones cost enough already. If it came down to having to get ride of a bill that would be the first to go. When me and my son got the phones I had everything that cost any extra blocked from the beginning. All that stuff adds up pretty quick. So you have a really good point there.

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I'm on my grandma's revol plan. I pay her 35/month for unlimited calls-local & long distance & unlimited text-plus internet on my phone. They just went nationwide too. So, my "only get service in my area" is out & I can use it when we go on our trips to PA.

The phones aren't so advanced, but I don't care. I really like simple phones for the most part. The iphone is cool though. We considered getting it for me too, but the cheapest plan was like 100/month. I'll just stick with my 35/month payment.

PS. I need my phone. lol We dont have a house phone & I need to be available for potential employers. Not to mention, my boyfriend is gone for weeks-even months- at a time. I can't get rid of it.

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Oh ya they do come in handy for a lot of things. I really like mine and if I only had to pay 35 for mine I would like it even better. I thought about getting rid of my home phone as well. But if times get tougher I will need that because if I ever have to switch my internet to dial up to get it cheaper I will need my home phone to do that.

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actually debra, i think telephone companies are actually increasing in demand because of people trying to cut back. honestly, that is a great way to save some money. of course, calling around to make sure you are getting the cheapest rates on everything; insurance for example is a really overlooked savings per month. not to mention public transportation vs. gas money. i remember u saying u lived far from everything tho, so that probably isnt an option for you though. another big one people overlook is health insurance! people should check out the different options for that too.

:) it is nice only paying 35 month for my cell because i do need it ya know. maybe there is a revol in your area. maybe you could check it out. you could probably keep your same phone, they can "zap" some phones from different providers. there is a fee for it im sure, but at least you wouldnt need to buy a new phone.

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Hi marcusandila,

I was just wondering about what happened to you the other day. I hadn't seen you around in awhile. Thanks for the information it will come in handy I'm sure. Because things still look bad in this area and I may have no other choice but to cut back. Glad to see you are back. Take care of yourself.

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hi debra. i was gone for a while lol. just got busy ya know. things are starting to look better over here for me. ive got a second interview on friday, so im REALLY hoping that goes well. i need the $ as you already know. lol

how've you been? job search going any better down there for you???

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Hi marcusandila,

I'm happy to hear about your second interview wish you luck. And no when I go in asking for work they are still laughing. Now my sister just got hired last week. But I guess having a collage education helped her. They also have me applying for permanent disability I have fibro from head to toe. I got a call from them yesterday and they said I should have my answer in a couple weeks. So if I get that I won't have to do the job search anymore. I'm glad to hear you are doing ok.

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debra, i hope that goes well for you. You are right about college education helping. I think the only reason why I even was considered for the position to begin with was because I am in the enrollment process through pennfoster college. The payments are $44/month and I figured out some things to move it around so that I could go back to school. It looked like my only option for ever being considered for a job. I think I was right...

My interview is in a few hours, i'm so nervous. Especially because i really need the job. pay isnt great at all, but it IS more than unemployment so I dont care. lol The only position I'm never going to apply for is at a stripclub. other than that, im open to whatever. I have to be, you know?!

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Actually i have not heard about it.
Is it possible?

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margaret, im sure it is. the iphone has 100,000 different apps right now. there are probably more than one option to track your credit score, and apps for debt, and for saving.

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The company that hosts this app has a BBB rating of F.

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