Spam & 3rd party collections

Submitted by Morningstar on Thu, 10/18/2007 - 23:15

Lots of spam on the boards today.

I hope that anyone coming across a certain spammer (whose posts I have already deleted) does not fall victim to his/her scam. Said spammer had posted 3 or 4 times, claiming in essence, that sale of a debt to a third party collector renders the debt void, unless a debtor renews the agreement by making a payment.

This is BS. In America, debtors are sued every day by collection agencies who have purchased defaulted debts. They win the cases either by default (debtor does not answer summons or fails to show at court date), or by proving the ownership and existence of a debt in a courtroom. I have heard of a scam in which companies will issue a certificate that claims the debtor is officially "debt free". Similar scams have made assertions that credit agreements are not actually legal (sounds a lot like a certain tax scam, too) and the debtor cannot be required to pay the money back.

Great info. thanks a lot morningstar :)

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I learned this the hard way, I am dealing with one that purchased a debt of mine, I know what a headache this can be.

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