Are real estate investments really beneficial?

Submitted by Kolmen on Wed, 07/16/2008 - 05:31

My Regards to the community, I am working in a private firm and really want to secure my future by doing some investments as I can’t be so dependent on my current job forever for all my basic needs. . Can somebody help me, to make me decide that where should I invest my money to get long term profits?

Yes, I can help you in your query. As being a private firm employee every person secures his future so there is nothing wrong in it if you are also thinking the same. But if you are looking for a long term investment I will suggest you real estate investment. These are basically the long term beneficial investments.
I hope it will actually help you.

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Hi Kolmen
I think that investment in real estate will help you to get a better return in future. You can either make direct real estate investments by purchasing a property from which you can earn in future by giving it on rent. Alternatively, you can also invest with Real Estate Investment Trust or in mutual funds which invest in real estate.

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I think I would be a little hesitant with the way the mortgage crisis is today, hopefully it will take a turn for the better. Have you looked at the short term and long term returns that have been historical in this industry, I would do that if I were you before you invest your hard earned cash.

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Hi goodnatured
Actually what I think is that investment in real estate should be made with a long term perspective. What I believe is that in the long run this mortgage crisis will be solved as the Govt has already started taking steps to solve it. Moreover real estate always gives better return. But I would rather prefer to diversify my portfolio than to invest my entire cash in real estate.

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Diversifying is the better route to go, we have our 401k in mutual funds, those funds are in four different accounts, two are low risk and two are high risk, we are getting ready to buy stock in the company that my husband works for, he is in the gas and oil industry. hopefully it will be a good decision.

I see what you mean about a long term, I am not to familiar with the real estate investment deal, I just see the crisis all over the news.

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Hi goodnatured
Investing in real estate, Oil and gas company, and Infrastructure companies is always a good decision as it will give you high returns in the medium and long run. Although as of now, the stock market seems volatile, it will definitely stabilize after the elections I think. Long term as I know is investment beyond 5 years and beyond and medium term is between 1 to 4 years.

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Real estate has always been looked upon as a great edge to inflation... It doesn't suffer the ups and downs of daily economic trends.... It tends to be more of a long term investment...

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Are real estate investments really beneficial?
yes definitely real estate investment is always beneficial. you can invest money in real estate definitely give big profit......

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Do agree @ Anthony...
I think Real Estate is a good option for one to invest in and have a secured future. More over if you are not having enough money with you, you may rent the house and earn some good amount , which will help you.

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