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Hi all. I have a confusion and please help me clear it up. I have recently started repairing my credit. I just pulled up my credit reports from the three CRAs. Currently I have an MBNA account which is listed as:


Condition: Closed (Paid)
Balance: $0
Type: Line of Credit
Pay Status: Collection/Chargeoff


Condition: Derogatory
Type: Check credit/Line of Credit
Pay Status: Collection/Chargeoff


Condition: Derogatory
Balance: $0
Type: Unknown-credit extension, review, or collection
Pay Status: Collection/Chargeoff

My question is will Transunion be considered derogatry?

Anonymous (not verified)

Yes TU in this case will be considered "Derogatory".

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Hi Justin,

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You guessed right. I think TransUnion will be considered derogatory since it states Collection/Chargeoff. What I will suggest you to do is disputing this with TransUnion. If you do so, make sure to do it via mail (CMRRR). Also make sure that you opt out and delete/update your personal informations. If you have any other queries please let us know.


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Justin (not verified)

Thanks Polly for the suggestions. I have infavt already opted out and deleted some of my personal informations. I will be sending certified mails very shortly.

The reply to my query was pretty fast. Looks like you guys really take care of the questions :o lol.

All the best !!

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The reply to my query was pretty fast. Looks like you guys really take care of the questions Surprised lol.

Yes Justin. I was onboard while you posted and so replied it. We, the members of creditmagic community try replying queries as early as possible. Our community is new and we are growing up. We are looking forward to help each other build up healthy credit for a secured future.

Why dont you join our community? Its easy and its FREE. Feel free to join us anytime and participate.


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Hi Polly,

I have accepted your invitation and am now a part of this community :D !

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Welcome to the credit magic community Justin :) !!

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