How long shall I wait for my free report?

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Hi everyone,

My question is how long shall I have to wait to get my free credit report?


When you order online at you are most likely to get it instantly. On the otherhand if you order it by calling 1-877-322-8228 (this is the toll free number) or by mail, you may need to wait for 15 days which is the time taken to process your application.

To get info on how to secure a free copy of your report have a look at the FAQ section.

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Hi phantom,

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I agree to Polly. Just a small addition......

At times you may require to wait for more than just 15 days. The reason being:

1. The CRAs need more information to verify your identity, or
2. There are huge amount of requests for free reports. Hence you may be asked to resubmit your application. OR the report will reach you sometime after the 15 day processing period. Whatever be the case you will be intimated in advance by the CRAs.

If you need anymore help please don’t hesitate to ask the community.


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