Is credit repair always a scam

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10 years ago I filed for bankruptcy. From then on, I have been doing credit repair on my own and my wifes credit files. It is a full time job just knowing how to handle each negative trade line on your report. There are legitimate credit repair services out there. I used Lexington law, who turned out to be the worst, monthly fee schemers. I did then get tired of the wording, "this item has been verified" letters. So............ I decided to read up on the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
I am now certified. I do credit repair as a part time Job. I have had very good results. It is all in the know how. Took me ten years to learn, but I learned. The draw back to repairing credit is the time involved. Following through on replies, how to handle a collection agencies verification, or validation letter sent back to you. Its like trying to sell real eastate, You need to know what you are doing.
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I dont think the writer of the post you are inquiring about reads the threads. He has posted the same thing in each thread on this site

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It seem like everyone is tiring of seeing this poster.

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I always prefer to educate myself with credit related issuers. This not only saves money, but also helps us to encounter future credit problems and helps us to learn ways out of credit problems.

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That is a good way to do it Anthony. I think ,ore people need to take your approach and educate themselves. Credit is a necessity and knowing how to understand all the aspects of it is really important.

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That is a good way to do it Anthony. I think ,ore people need to take your approach and educate themselves. Credit is a necessity and knowing how to understand all the aspects of it is really important.

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I couldn't agree more! I think that many people don't realize that repairing you credit is about the same as repairing an piece of furniture. It will take time and work but, anyone can do it with the right tools. Lucky for us the FCRA and the FDCPA are free tools given to everyone. Thats why this sites like this one and mine were started, to help people lean to use those tools. Yes, we place ads on the site to cover the costs of the sites but, you dont have to buy anything or even do anything other then read what you want to learn

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I can see the purpose in the ad placing. Although I do not know much about the costs of a web site I can imagine like anything else there would be a price tag that went along with it.

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I think sites like this one and yours are even more helpful in a few ways:

1.Sometimes when we are reading laws and rules about things it is really hard to understand. There is no room for questions or comments on those sites, just the frequently asked questions that often does not touch the details of our situations. So we are left with a not so clear answer and need some more one on one.

2. Sites like yours and this one give the personal touch and we get to deal with people who have a personal experience in dealing with collections and what to do when they just violate the law, either by being rude, calling on off hours or just plain ignoring the debt validation requests that we send.

3. I think that it leaves us a little confused on what to do when we send out a debt validation letter to one collection agency and they don't respond, but then sell it to another collector, they same debt is passed on and on, with no one taking the time to validate it. By passing it from collector to collector it causes confusion. I think that if they don't validate it then they should not be able to pass it on to another collection agency. How can you keep trying collect on an unvalidated debt?

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I could not have said it better, one thing for sure, you do get a clearer understanding of what is going on, rather than all the law mumbo jumbo, sometimes it is so confusing and leaves you with more questions than answers.

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I am glad there are sites like this that put it all in clear plain english.

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Now if we could translate to other languages and help with world wide knowledge...hum

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Wow then that is really really good. I am sure credit card debts aren't limited to AMericans and there practically useless dollar.

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I think on the debt site they have opened it up to a few different countries, I am not sure how the credit system works in any other country except for the united states.

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It would be neat to see if they did. I post over there every now and again but I seem to favor this site more.

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The debt forum seems to be much further ahead of the game than all the other forums here, not sure why but there is a lot more going on there.

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Really? Maybe I will have to make time to go over there and visit. I am sure to find soeminformation that would do me some good. I posted over there a few times most recently.

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I guess that is the truth, ain't nobody doing anything for nothing these days, guess they are in it for the money, so if they can't make a dime, they are not gonna do it. Oh, well we don't have to use them right?

By the way, Jessica, welcome to the forum, good to have you here.

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To make matters even worse tomorrow OPEC (gas companies) are having a meeting and want to cut down production because they are taking a loss at the gas pump. Anyone see their point?

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The price of gas has been really tough on everyone, you feel it in the grocery stores, in the feed stores and everywhere that you go to purchase anything these days. I have seen a big jump by $2 on dog food and my bird feeds have also risen. I try to purchase more than one bag when it is on sell so I am saving on the feed and saving on the price of the trips because I am not making as many.

We have to adapt ourselves to survive these days, cut back on the things that we don't really need, buy quality so it last not just quantity because it is cheaper, usually find that you will have to use more the cheaper product, so you are not really saving anything.

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I agree to all you said birdwatcher. I also believe in buying the better quality. Why buy an all cotton comforter when you can buy a down one full of feathers that will last for years to come. Add up how many others you buy in the mean time and see how much more you pay over the years for poorer quality.
I also buy two of things that are on sale. Things like sugar, bread (freeze it) and sauces. You know eventually you will use it and it won;t go bad so it saves you money later and as you said also gas money.

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Are you responding to me fireyone? Who is birdwatcher, am I missing something here? I did not see anyone by that name here.

The only problem that I have seen with the comforters is the size, I don't like the really big ones, they do not fit in a regular washer, you always have to take them to a laundrymat.

Although I love my birds, I would not buy downed, I recently had a really bad experience with feather filled pillows, go to change the pillow case and end up with a room full of little white feathers, they fly away when you go to sweep them out and they always find a way to poke through the material and poke you in the ear or check.

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Yes PEACOCK I was speaking to you and just trying to lighten the mood. Please don't get your feathers ruffled as this was just a light hearted joke.
I myself do not like anything with feathers or even real fur. Guess I am one of those people who have a problem with any animal abuse, which is what I consider it when they go killing animals for their products only to fancify or enlighten someone or thing. I understand the whole killing for food but the others are wants not c=neccesities.

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I understand where you are coming from, with the peacocks their feathers fall out, we do not pull them out, then it is just a gathering process.

My nephew stopped by and said that they were selling them at the motorcyle rallies for $1 a piece, I told him that I would save him some to sell next year, LOL. He said he would take them and then give me half the money. Guess there is no harm in that huh, as long as he gives me my part.

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Did you nephew recover? alot of people around here are buying motorcycles to save on the price of gas, I would not because I am a big chicken to drive one and am really nervous about other drivers not seeing me on the road.

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Thats why it is best to do it yourself. This is too much dishonesty out there when it comes to these places. I read Morningstars post. I know they are not to tell what the call is about but how do you prove they did mention it. Usually you can/'t. Only if they leave that m,essage on your machine that informs you "if you are not so and so please hang up" but if the person doesn't they still hear all the gory things.

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I thought it was a violation of ones privacy to leave a message with any type of information on it that someone could figure out that you have a debt pending or anything hinting towards that. I have read that several times on these forums, been reading a bunch of stuff lately.

Has any found that when you think you have a full understanding of something, then some one will come along and post another post adding to it. This credit thing can seem so confusing, just when I think I understand then something new comes up. I think the statute of limitations thing is the most confusing.

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I agree with you on the SOL. I really do find it the thing I understand the least. Everytime I think I have something figured out someone posts something else and I start wondering again. My biggest one is when the SOL actually starts. I gave up trying to get a decent straight answer. I asked several times and get two different ones. I am pretty sure I am past mine.

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Hi Peacockrancher
Statute of Limitation is a very simple concept. It is the time duration during which a creditor can sue you to the court to bring judgment against you and can even garnish your wages and bank account to recover the debt. The statute of limitation starts from the date you last made your payment towards the debt and it ranges from 3 years to 15 years depending upon the state you made the loan agreement. If however, the Statute of Limitation expires, you are no longer liable for the debt and the creditor can no longer sue you to the court to recover the debt.

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That is the best advice and it isn't because we are wanting to rip off companies. Once the SOL has passe it has more than likely been purchesed by a junk collector and the original creditor has alread y wrote it off. All the collector does is annoy you to death and try to scare you in to making just one payment so the SOL can be restarted and you are once again liable.

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When you want to get help you need to do research and see what the company will provide to you. Most companies that offer credit repair just send out dispute letters. Consolidation doesn't repair your credit. It pushes all your debt into one account and leaves all the other negative accounts or soon to be neg accounts at a $0 balance with transfer and a low history on it. It doesn't look good.


Pretty much.. you pay what you get in a sense too. If you want to really get your life on track, then I would look for a company that not only tries to "repair" your credit, but also helps u manage your debt and get that paid off as well.

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Maybe they are NOT all scams. Maybe I just haven't found the right ones yet.......ones that I'm not paying a fortune for their fees and that I know my OC are getting paid.

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I agree with you SD. Most of us can repair our own credit anyways. It is a pretty simple thing to do if we just take the time to learn and really want to do it. Why even bither sorting through a ll those phony credit repair companies and taking the risk of getting hooked up with one of the many who just want to take your hard earned money and put it in their paocket.

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I always inform my clients that they can do everything we do themselves.
If you can afford the time and expense it takes to workout agreements with the negative accounts you have, then by all means... go for it!

Like I mentioned before. You can wash your own car; you can change your own oil. You can even repair your own engine.

Do you have the time and patience to do it though?

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Most of the credit repair agencies are scams. They take hundreds of dollars as consultation fees and vanish without repairing your credit. Most of the repair agencies I have come across only try and remove some hard inquiry from your credit report, but there are a very small number of agencies who try to negotiate with your creditor and make arrangements between you and your creditor to repay your debt and arranges for pay for deletion agreement so that as soon as you pay back the debt in full, the negative listing comes out of your credit report and your credit score improves.

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I agree, JUSTIN. It may be overwhelming to have patient to repair our credit ourselves. would be good for us in the long run. I received ALOT of information, on this forum, to repair my credit. ALL of that information can be overwhelming ( in a good way..) just the same.

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That is the spirit SD! Somewhere along the line all of us in one way or the other will have a problem with our credit report..whether it is of our own doing or a mistake. Who wants to pay the costly fee of hiring a repair service to do what we can do ourselves? Getting familiar with all the parts of credit repair will take some doing but it really is worth it in the end. A little self protection.

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If I already know how to do something, why would I 'hire' a 'Credit repair Co.' do it for me? I DO agree we need to find out different information for ourselves. Too many people just 'hire' companies and say, "here..fix it."...not knowing how this 'companies' go about things. We 'made the mess' we need to 'clean it up.' I'm not putting down anyone who decides to hire a company, however. These are just 'persoanl 'choices we have made.

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There is good apples and bad apples in any industry. I think you should try to repair your own credit at first and see what results you get. If you need guidance with self help credit repair I recommend

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Your are very correct here Credit. there are definatley good and bad apples. It is the badd apples that spoil the good ones. I have heard of a few that actually work with the debtor. One is Heritage. Another poster really got help from them and they worked with her well. I think alot of these places would see a better turn out if they would just remember the debtor is human and wouldn't be in the mess theywere if they had lots of money laying aroung. Some of these places want hundreds of dollars a month for a few months. I don't know alot of people these days that can swing something like that. It would be better for them to except less over a longer period and then they would ahve a better chance at getting paid back.

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