How to clean up my credit report

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Hi I'm new.

I had a bankruptcy in 2008, a utility charge off in 2003 but nothing since. So far credit score is: TransUnion 688, Equifax 676

I have no current collections on my report, I've been very careful to pay all my bills on time. I don't have any revolving debt at this time. Its something I will consider in the future but considering I'm currently unemployed right now I may not be able to get a card anyway. The only thing I show on my report now is my current car note, and student loan. Both are current and no lates.

I'm now finding that many jobs I apply for want to run a credit check. I'm worried that mine may not be good enough which is why I'm trying to get it clean.

The one thing I'm finding that I don't know what to do with is I apparently have a tax lien and its showing on my report as release of tax lien. I know it had to do with a car I used to own (person property tax) which was paid well before I left the state that I used to live in. I can't remember exactly when but I do believe it was 2003 or so. They have dates of 2004, and I didn't even live in the state at that time.

Also on one credit report, the same lien is showing twice.

I'm not sure where to even start to have this either removed or to show its been satisfied. Anyone know where I need to turn for this? Should I go back to the state and ask for copies?


‭Hi Renfrid,

‎The tax lien can stay on your credit report for 7 years. So, check when was the lien first entered on your credit report. If it's in 2003, then it should fall off. If it does not, you can dispute this item with the credit bureaus.

‎As for the lien showing on same credit report twice, you can simply file dispute with the credit bureau. Send dispute letter though certified mail, requesting a return receipt.



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