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How hard is it to get a bankruptcy off your credit report?

You can not get a n]bankruptsy off your credit record until the required time has passed. To give you an answer on how long that would be we would need to know the state in which you filed for bankruptsy since all states have different fall off dates.

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How hard is it to get a bankruptcy off your credit report?

It's really hard!!! as the fact you being bankrupt is going to tease you for coming 7 yrs at least. That is for very sure :arrow:

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Public records like bankruptcy can never be removed from your credit report. Normally bankruptcy stays in your credit report for seven years. However, it can also stay in your report for 10 years.

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Usually it will go off in 7 years. I had one years and years ago and it took 10 years for mine to fall off. Why may I ask 9 years? If it does take 10 that is only one year longer. I really believe it will fall off in 7 though.

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Under which Chapter you have applied for BK?

Pl specify

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If you filed Chapter 13, it should have fallen off already since those come off your report in 7 years. Many people in that situation have the credit reporting agencies do an "investigation" of their report to remove it.

If you filed Chapter 7, then you have two years to wait since those come off your report in 10 years (see Section 605(1) of the Fair Credit Reporting Act).

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