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JOINED:  14 October 2009
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Posts by jayben
Posting date Subject
Posted: Mon Nov 2 1:53:42 2009 hi, hope someone can help me. i have been ..
Posted: Mon Nov 2 1:41:34 2009 i agree...there's a saying that goes, ..
Posted: Mon Nov 2 1:35:36 2009 hey thanks for your advice...i think that i might ..
Posted: Wed Oct 28 3:04:27 2009 Do you wonder what makes you happy or tick It ..
Posted: Wed Oct 28 1:16:43 2009 Hello. I have a lot of outstanding debt...the ..
Posted: Fri Oct 23 1:57:58 2009 I have been accepted at a private university and ..
Posted: Fri Oct 23 1:13:09 2009 justin and SIA...thanks for your comments. ..
Posted: Mon Oct 19 1:48:09 2009 i have quite a bit of debt from an and student ..
Posted: Wed Oct 14 12:47:11 2009 i'm in debt up to my eyeballs from ..

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