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Sample debt validation follow-up letter

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A Debt Validation Follow-up Letter is sent to the collection agency when they fail to respond to your debt validation request. It is a way to remind the debt collector of your initial validation request. You can use this letter only if you had previously sent a debt validation letter to the collection agency. This letter can also help you get rid of the item if not validated.

Sample Debt Validation Follow-up Letter

Your Name __________
Your Address __________
Your Phone # __________

Collection agency's Name _______________
Department _______________
Collection agency's Address _______________
Date __________

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Account Number_______________

This letter is to inform you that I had mailed you a debt validation letter and it been ___days (mention the days) since my request for the documentation of this account. According to Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), I have the right to seek validation of this debt and you are required to provide me the documentation of this debt. However, unfortunately enough I have not received any reply and documentation except the confirmation that you did receive my validation request.

I have also received verification on this account from the credit bureaus and this account has been listed on my credit report. But, according to Federal Trade Commission (FTC), reporting a collection account is a collection activity. So, you are now in violation of FDCPA and subject to a fine of $1,000 as you have not validated the debt till now. I can collect the fine by filing a lawsuit against you in the small claims court. I do intend to follow up with this if I fail to receive a reply from you within 15 business days.

If you can't provide documentation of this debt, you should request the credit bureaus to remove this item from my credit report and update my report accordingly. Otherwise I will have to file complaints with the FTC. State's Attorney General and the Office of Consumer Affairs.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Your Signature ________________

Your Name ________________


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