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However, as per BBB, the company has a satisfactory record

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Debt Settlement Insider

Subject: Clear One Debt
Posted on Sat Jun 28, 2008 2:26 am  

I personally know that Clear One Debt is unethical, not trustworthy, and unprofessional. The company management is comprised of a bunch of crooks that are trying to make a quick dollar. Don't look for any better treatment than JENNIFER received. If you do call them, ask them why they can't do business with Debt Resolution Partners or Century Negotiations Inc. anymore.

Joined: 03 Nov 2007
goodnatured's page
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Posted on Sun Jun 29, 2008 2:53 am  

Thank you for the warning, it is always good to hear from someone who has first hand experience, good or bad, thank you for the sharing the information. I am sorry that you had such a bad experience with this company but then sometimes a bad experience can teach us a lot. Again, thanks for sharing.
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Joined: 27 Jun 2006
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Posted on Thu Jul 24, 2008 11:55 am  

Clearone debt relief is not a BBB Accredited business. However, as per BBB, the company has a satisfactory record. But I don't know how it shows satisfactory record as per BBB. I think we should complain against them to the BBB, about the way they behave with us.
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Matt Harlan

Subject: I agree with Phil.
Posted on Thu Jul 24, 2008 4:49 pm  

If I went on line and filed my info I would expect to be contacted in regards to my enquiry. Most internet applications don't have an option showing that you don't want to be contacted by phone. The email is polite and professional and in no way would cause me not to work with that company. If they can get me out of debt that would be that matters to me. My brother used Clear One and had a great experience.

Subject: What some of my clients say about me at ClearOne
Posted on Thu Jul 24, 2008 5:01 pm  


I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with you and CODR. This has been pretty traumatic for me and you have made the experience much easier than I ever thought it would be. I have always taken such pride in paying my bills on time that this has been a hard thing to do. You have never once made me feel embarrassed or bad that I am having to go through this process. I also felt like you had answer for every question I had without any hesitation and that help me to trust in you and your company. You will never know how much that means to me.

You are a wonderful help and my experience with you has been a GREAT one.

Thanks a bunch,


Feel free to call Cliff at 888-820-0067

Subject: Clear One Helped me
Posted on Thu Jul 24, 2008 5:02 pm  

I enrolled in their programin December I have already recieved notices of settlements on three of my accounts. The rep I spoke with notified me that they broke away from DRP because their servicing was lack luster. The also did away with some unehtical employees most likley Debt Settlement Insider.

Joined: 26 Feb 2008
fireyone's page
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Posted on Wed Jul 30, 2008 12:34 pm  

Tammy, you could also contact the people you owe personally. Usually they will give you the owner of the debt I settlement offer. Usually the older the debt the more they will want to settle.


Joined: 08 Sep 2008
Ed's page
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Subject: Clear One needs to walk their talk
Posted on Mon Sep 08, 2008 9:07 pm  

I find it interesting that Clear One Debt Relief purports to help others manage their debt. They are WELL overdue on more than $25,000 to my company. Repeated attempts to collect the overdue rent has just met with one lame excuse after another. If they can't manage their own debt, I'm not sure how they could help anyone else.

We sub-leased some space to them in late 2007 and, over the last Super Bowl weekend, they moved out with no notice. Their employees did childish things like leave Chinese food in the fridge to go bad and stink, break off keys in storage bin locks, left holes and scuff marks on the walls, etc.

I'm preparing to sue them as I write this. Anyone considering becoming a client of Clear One Debt Relief might want to consider this information. I can substantiate all of it with the lease, unpaid invoices and email correspondence between me and Tomas Gordon, their CEO/owner. According to him, they can barely meet their payroll and he's desperately trying to raise venture capital. Fat chance of that, once he has a judgment against him.

Caveat Emptor!

Joined: 26 Feb 2008
fireyone's page
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Posted on Tue Sep 09, 2008 11:51 pm  

We hear at the forum really thank you for being honest. Alot of people hear are working hard to clear their debt and start over. The last thing they need is a fraudulent company taking their money. It is hard to come by as it is.

Subject: clear ond debt relief
Posted on Thu Sep 18, 2008 5:26 pm  

Is this the company that is located in Colombia Maryland , I was just getting ready to have any account with them

Subject: Clear One Debt Relief
Posted on Thu Sep 18, 2008 7:17 pm  

Myself and my parents worked with Clear One, in fact my parents referred me to them. Always do your own homework, but I loved the service i have received. They even settled 2 of my accounts for less then they thought they could get and made me aware. I looked on the BBB and they have a satisfactory rating. That was important to me because i could not find that with the other 6 companies that called me. They even call me once a month to update me on my account which i find pretty amazing . Just my thoughts, do with what you like.

Joined: 26 Feb 2008
fireyone's page
Posts: 4246

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Posted on Thu Sep 18, 2008 11:30 pm  

Seems like when it comes to debt releif companies there is always mixed opions. Some find a companies servive commendable and others have no luck. I wonder why different people get such different results.

Subject: ClearOne Debt Relief - BEWARE!
Posted on Fri Sep 11, 2009 1:04 am  

DO NOT do business with ClearOne Debt Relief! These people are a SCAM. They were previously doing business under the name of Start Positive. They took a total of $1250 from my sister with the promise of giving her a loan modification. They stalled her for months and gave her one lie after another. They finally told her they were not able to give her the modification but refused to refund her money because it had been more than 30 days. My sister FINALLY got wise and reported them to several authorities in the state of Wisconsin. We found out that they were not even licensed to do business. Contact 6 TV in the Milwaukee area is in the process of putting a story together about them. There was also a front page article about this company in the local newspaper in Burlington, Wisconsin. After they realized they were busted, they shut down and are now operating under the name of Clear One Debt or Clear One Debt Relief. They are not too bright because they are using the same phone number as when they were Start Positive. Steer clear of these people! My sister is still fighting to get her money back. They told her they would give her a refund but it has not happened. Checking the Better Business Bureau is not sufficient. They only report when there is a complaint about a business. Being that they are fairly new (under a different name) there are usually no complaints. Another clue is if the business has not been around for a long time. There are SO MANY fraudulent companies out there right now offering debt relief or real estate loan modifications. Only do business with an established bank or a well known financial institution. We are trying to get these people prosecuted but it will not be easy. They make themselves sound very legitimate but do not fall into their trap!


Joined: 17 Jul 2006
Justin's page
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Posted on Tue Sep 22, 2009 9:05 am  

Hi Ciney,

Thanks for providing this information. This will make all of us conscious about seeking help from different companies regarding our debt problems. Whatever happened with your sister is too unfortunate, but I would appreciate the efforts that you put in to know the reality. We will definitely benefit from this and remember to cross check the legitimacy of a company before working with them. I hope your sister gets back her money soon.
All the Best Smile

Subject: clear one debt relief
Posted on Tue Mar 20, 2012 12:35 am  

Warning! Stay away from this company. They mismanage your files and lose your paperwoek. My file changed hands 5 times and nobody ever got back to me. Their mismanagement and fraudulent statements delayed my negotiations process so long that by the time I got someone to look at my file they were not able give me any savings on my accounts. The interest had gone up so much that the settlement amount was more than the original principal on my account.

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