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Posted on Wed Oct 02, 2019 4:07 pm  

Billy Porter says history is repeating itself within the for LGBTQ community

top rated performer and fashion icon Billy Porter is known to captivate an audience with ease, But this period, He captured the viewers with a warning about America's future.

Friday on "The enjoy, a person's "cause" Star highlighted the need for telling the story about the emergence of drag queen culture in society through his show.

"people don't know their history are doomed to repeat it. We're in the center of a crossroads in our country, all over the world in general, Porter documented. "Democracy is threatened. readers' rights, People's humanity may be up for legislation, Which is ridiculous. it's hard to miss this before,

Porter shown he "Went straight to the frontlines to fight for our lives" After released in 1985. "I know what appears like; my name is an activist. I know what it sounds like; i have come across it before,

"As artisans, We get to in a creative way pull people into these stories, Pull people in to these journeys, These items that happened in the past that relate to what's happening right now, he explained.

When co host Sunny Hostin asked Porter if he appears like he's seeing these rights movements rising again, He quickly told the pollsters that he's "finding it again,

"I stand on the shoulders of slaves. I know what it may resemble; I extremely well what that is, he explained. "Love still typically wins. I possibly with you when we make it to the mountain top, But we gonna arrive there,

a lot of: Billy Porter on being termed as fashion icon: 'It's definitely humbling'

Porter who says he's "for ages been a fashion person" Isn't only profiting Grammy and Tony awards; He's also succeeding on the red carpet. He stole the show at this year's Met Gala when he channeled cleopatra and arrived on a literal pedestal.

"I believe that as artists, We get to go for changing, Be a piece of change, Changing the molecular shape of people's hearts and minds, And we can do it through every part, Porter agreed. "by himself, the clothes have a statement, the clothes mean something. it was once, But it's no hassle. We moved by using their because pants are hot ukrainian women strong. They're being strong; They're imagined powerful; They are associated with the patriarchy, Porter went on. "in addition, every single time a man wears a dress, Very vehicle are disgusted,

When Porter asked the co hosts what it means when we see society realising women wearing pants, But not men using dresses or skirts, Joy Behar answered it means "They hate womens,

After thanking Behar for recognizing the gender role inequality, he was quoted saying, "I'm done washing that. I'm done repair. I'm a man would wants to wear a dress and when i must, I'm visiting,

"The moment that I owned the totality of who I am by getting that character, putting together those boots" Porter started out out about his role in "kinky Boots" over Broadway, "Those heels made me feel the most grounded and the most powerful that I've ever felt in my life.

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