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Subject: russian sexy girls
Posted on Tue Aug 06, 2019 12:10 am  

cyprus probes 'unprecedented' killings

ATHENS (Reuters) Police in Cyprus are probing the actions of a possible serial killer after two women were found murdered and dumped in a mine shaft and a third, A six year old child, is still missing.

The victims put together in the space of a week at an abandoned mine about 30 kilometres (18.6 cientos) West of the main town Nicosia.

A second unwilling recipient, Found hot russian girl late on sat, Is considered a 28 year old from the Philippines who was also reported missing last year, Though is definitively identified.

A 35 year old career officer with the Cypriot army is in custody on suspicion of killing all three.

Is a form of crime unprecedented for the norms of Cyprus. It premature to appraise the extent of this crime, Police chief Zacharias Chrysostomou told journalists.

There was an intensive search at the mine shaft, Which is immersed in water, And at a reservoir in the market on Monday morning.

Both women had has worked in Cyprus, which have a sizeable Filipino population.

in the court hearings, Police said the army officer was suspected of having approached the women on an online dating service.

Campaigners say police ignored fears expressed for their safety the moment went missing last year. One campaigner, Louis Koutroukides, Said police questioned his motives and suggested the 39 year old and her child may has progressed to the north of the divided island.

Posted on Fri Sep 13, 2019 12:28 am  

it is possible to be single

I was having a flat week when my sister dragged me to the film How to be single starring home-grown Australian talent, rebel Wilson. Amidst digesting yet another douche bag dissatisfaction, I was angry at the nasty, Twisted irony of the laws of enchantment. have to have, But they don't want you. Or work permit versa. we are able to, I didn't need to go through yet another Hollywood film that starts off with so much promise only to end in a predictable happily ever after clich.

but sometimes when you set your sights really low, You can be pleasantly surprised. apart from laughing so hard I kept slapping my sister's arm, There is wisdom in this hollywood flick.

The central figure, Alice, Always in romantic relationships, Is recent times single to find who she is. Her aunt, meg, Is a shutdown career obsessed doctor who refuses to buy into the notion that women need a baby to complete themselves. Tom may very well be cute bar owner/player whose motto is: "If you are considering 'the one', this isn't me. But require 'the one' to have fun with, I'm your actual man'. Lucy has a spreadsheet algorithm to increase her chances of finding a boyfriend through online dating service personals, And David is considered the closed off single dad. And eventually, robin (cool dude Wilson) Is a non stop party animal/paralegal who wears her promiscuity just like a badge of honour.

You keep putting yourself in the same incidents, rehearsing the same damaging patterns, Smashing your head against the wall over and over again.

Apart from at times feeling like the script was slightly not developed, There was still enough there to have me question my perception. And beneficial side,which is the upside hallmarks of a good film, When it can move you on an emotional level, Or encourage you. Just like true to life, Each character in the film had their own path and flight, getting an apex where something had to give. We've all already been through it. You keep putting yourself in the same issues, practicing the same damaging patterns, Smashing your head against the wall as often as needed.

let's not pretend. The singles dating scene is cut throat. You're single and excessive passion will just be. Yet maybe good flaw, at that time. Alice alludes to this in the opening of the film "This story isn't about working relationships. It's about all the stuff in between, exactly where maybe, Just certainly, Our real life is going on,

Shifting your point of view on your single status can be empowering. It shouldn't be 'oh, not any, must am I single, What's wrong with me at night?' Maybe what's wrong with you is that you simply think something is wrong with you and that finding someone will fix that. as opposed to, Maybe take the view that your time, energy, your ultimate single time, Is exclusive and unique. It's a time to be adored, to do all those things that wouldn't hold the same value if you did them with a partner, Because in doing them yourself, As a single person, You are learning about and nurturing a relationship with usually are person in your life: an individual.

Shifting your point of view on your single status can be empowering.

Too often we sweep our wants under carpeting, Forget who we are and crowd what Robin calls "D k crushed stone. It's like simple sand, latino dating though with d ks" When a guy pays us some desire. But in getting to know yourself and valuing the time for just you, You develop your single tissues, And become more certain of your identiity. The key is to put this progression as a priority, Making you more discerning in the dating game, And less likely to hand over your heart and the slightest bit of male attention, Something I am doing doing.

Sometime when my girlftriend are all tied up and I can't go out partying, you can fall into the trap of loneliness and sadness. But all you could need is a little nudge, A shift in level of view, And you will find the courage to reach over and pick up that book you've wanted to read for ages. Enjoy the silence because life delivers change suddenly, And not before long, you may never be single again, and you'll be dreaming of the days it was just you and the dancefloor and completely and utter freedom.

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