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Posted on Thu Jun 20, 2019 12:58 am  

Lawmakers pay tribute to slain reporter Khashoggi 100 days after killing

Dozen of lawmakers and new york leaders paid tribute to slain Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi on Thursday at the Capitol, 100 days after the Washington Post columnist evaporated inside a Saudi consulate in Turkey, Pledging to keep his story alive in the battle for global freedom of the press. Intelligence's willpower that Mohammed bin Salman, The Saudi crown dictator, Directed the assassination because of Khashoggi's influential writings as opposed to the government.

"you will find some in our country who were saying that it was really a commercial interest, Should outrank our values and how we speak out and act upon those values, Pelosi told a standing room only crowd inside a Capitol wedding reception room. are able to Hurd (R Tex.), A former undercover thinking ability officer, Recalled how he learned to appreciate journalistic risk taking when he would arrive in international hot spots to find reporters already there "Sipping tea or being on a beer,

Hurd said the harming, Which the Saudi government eventually acknowledged under you can also use pressure, Sparked a chatting even in the parts of southwest Texas that he represents.

"a lot of us have come up to me and said, why is this important? It's causing a lot of people to remember why our press is so important, he was quoted saying.

Fred johnson, Publisher of The new york Post, Noted that dozens of other correspondents were murdered last year and that thousands more were imprisoned or faced other attacks on their freedom. He called on the bipartisan gathering of congressional leaders to keep pushing the cause of journalistic freedom and to hold the admin accountable.

"Jamal's killing is part of an escalating attack against press freedom that is being ukraine singles waged by tyrants internationally, this is exactly why we can't just let Jamal's story fade away. His assassination, i'm sure, Is a red connection, A tolerance, Ryan recounted.

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