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Joined: 10 Mar 2010
NightStar's page
Posts: 142
Location: Illinois

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Subject: Hello
Posted on Sun Jul 11, 2010 5:26 pm  

I tried using private message, but I guess I don't know how that works, cause I hit submit and it never posted, so I guess I should just post here.

I am sorry for my leave I suffer mental illness, I am on disability, and I do work and get paid for posting on the internet by some of the boards I am affiliated with, but this year I had just come to the mind, that after 8-10 years of doing this, I really was just getting ripped off Sad

Example, I use to work for a credit bureau, I have written and published articles for up to $150 each, I do work a lot of sites for free, just because I love teaching consumers. But when someone says they are going to pay me, and they only pay me like 70 cents per replay, or someone takes 30 of my written articles and only pays me $1.70 for the lot of them. That was just insulting, and upsetting. I was only making like $60 per month for a lot of hard work, that was in essence more hours than full time people.

Then the site that I submitted my articles to, berated me for copy pasting, copy righted work, I am not a professional writer, I am a teacher, trying to distribute information over mass amounts of boards and other media, so that stressed me out, cause you know what, I was trying to re-write all 30 articles like 12 times. 12 times, I could not do it. Sad I even took some classes at college to learn to be a better writer, Sad

I usually hide on little boards, cause of my past work for a credit bureau, sometimes I run into people that teach totally different methods to credit repair than me, plus they just see me as a targeted enemy. So being a paranoid person, I just hide and stay were people don't hurt my feelings. But I am borderline personality, and I crave more attention than I was able to generate on all of the little boards together. Sad

I also suffer obsessive compulsive disorder, and last March I discovered Facebook games, and being a total addict for games, I just settled in there, to the point of putting in 24 hours a day on games, I made 5000 facebook friends - people that talk to me every single day, and I really really like the attention, with the flowers and heart I get. So I stopped working and I stopped school just to stay there where I was getting attention.

I am not well at this time, I am not kidding when I say that I play 24 hours a day, I forget to take my medicine, I ignore tasks at home, or getting out to run errands, I forget to eat, I lost 35 pounds since March. It is a real problem, I am on new meds, but they apparently are not strong enough to counter my addiction.

I am really sorry for the long post, I do STILL love teaching people about credit, I have posted my articles on my wall on facebook, I am still available if people post reply to past threads I have written in, since I do have e-mail notification turned on, and people are always welcome to message me, e-mail me, find me on facebook, or even call me. Sorry for the delay in getting back to explain for my absence. Thanks
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Joined: 08 Feb 2010
Aaron's page
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Subject: reply
Posted on Mon Jul 12, 2010 10:42 am  

Hi Nightstar,

Welcome back Smile I am sorry for what you have been through. However, it's nice to see you back here Smile There's no need to be sorry. Cheer up.

Take care,

Keep in touch Smile

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