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Negotiating with judgement credit to move to dismiss/vacate

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Joined: 08 Feb 2010
Aaron's page
Posts: 2632

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Posted on Wed Feb 02, 2011 6:31 am  

Please check out the following url:

It has some relevant information. It might just be of some good to you.

Subject: Negotiating with judgement credit to move to dismiss/vacate
Posted on Thu Feb 03, 2011 4:43 pm  

I ended up putting the letter together on my own. I thought I would share my letter with ya'll, so that if someone else is in this situation and needs a letter, you have a base to start at. You'll notice I use the name of the company excessively, rather than simply saying "your company". I did this intentionally, so that should this matter end up back in court, there is no question about who I am referring to.

Many ignorant people have advised me that having a judgement taken off your report isn't possible, however I have conferred with 2 seperate attorneys who have confirmed that the judgement creditor does in fact have the legal authority to petition the court to dismiss or vacate the judgement. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, it's a blatent lie/lack of knowledge!

In my case, like I said, my husband is virtually judgement proof and the amount is small ($557) and we can afford to pay it in full, the default judgement was obtained illegally and the SOL is close to running out, not to mention we've moved out of state, so we're in a good spot to try to negotiate with the judgement creditor. Be careful, because if you owe a significant amount, you may be asking for trouble if you try this method.

John Q Debtor
PO Box 000
Anytown, US 12345

Sent U.S. Certified, Return Receipt Mail
New Century Financial Services
110 South Jefferson Road, Suite 104
Whippany, NJ 07981

January 31, 2011

Dear Sir or Madam,

Re: Acct # or Court name and docket #

This letter is in response to a judgement placed on my credit report dated 12/10/2008, for the docket number referenced above. I would like to save both of our time and efforts and pay this debt IN FULL.

It is my understanding that this judgement was illegally obtained. I was not properly served, nor given the opportunity to defend myself in court. I have never received correspondence from New Century Financial Services for any debt, hence the reason I am unable to supply an account number to New Century Financial Services.

Apparently, New Century Financial Services claims to have served me at an address I hadn’t lived at in over 4 years, while my new address at the time was on file with all 3 credit bureaus as well as the USPS! Strangely, all of my other mail was forwarded to me at my new address, yet I received no correspondence whatsoever from New Century Financial Services. It is obvious to me that this was done intentionally on the part of New Century Financial Services, in order for New Century Financial Services to obtain a default judgement against me. I have researched this matter and have learned that this is not the first time New Century Financial Services has obtained a default judgement illegally.

I would like to simplify this situation for both myself as well as New Century Financial Services. I am willing to send New Century Financial Services the full amount of $557.00 via certified cashier’s check, in exchange for New Century Financial Services’ petitioning of the court for a full DISMISSAL WITH PREJUDICE of the judgement. I do not want this judgement listed as Paid/Satisfied, I am requesting that it be DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE in exchange for the FULL amount owed. Please do not respond stating that this is not legal. I have conferred with an attorney regarding this matter, and I am fully aware that New Century Financial Services has the legal authority to petition the court to DISMISS and/or VACATE this judgement.

Should New Century Financial Services choose not to accept my offer, I will return to New Jersey to file a “Motion to Vacate” this judgement, on the grounds that New Century Financial Services intentionally improperly served me in order to illegally obtain a default judgement. I will also file a complaint with the FTC to report New Century Financial Services’ illegal debt collection practices. In my opinion, that hassle would not be worth the time and effort on New Century Financial Services’ part, to collect a mere $557.00, which I am willing to forward to New Century Financial Services voluntarily, should New Century Financial Services be willing to petition the court to DISMISS this judgement WITH PREJUDICE.

If New Century Financial Services finds my offer acceptable, please send me a letter agreeing to these terms, signed by New Century Financial Services’ authorized representative, and subject to the laws of my state.

If I do not receive New Century Financial Services’ postmarked response within the next 15 business days, I shall withdraw my offer and return to New Jersey to file a “Motion to Vacate.”

Please forward your agreement to my address listed above.


John Q. Debtor

FYI - Do NOT sign the letter, they have no need for your signature at this point and these bottom feeders are capable of Lord knows what! Be sure to send the letter Certified, return receipt so you can prove that you sent the letter and made an effort to pay them voluntarily.

Dismiss WITH Prejudice means that a year from now, if they change their mind, they CANNOT come back and sue you again!

Dismiss WITHOUT Prejudice means that a year from now, if they change their mind, they CAN come back and sue you again if the SOL has not run out.

Be careful with your words, and good luck to you all!

When I hear back from them, I will let ya'll know of the outcome. Hopefully this will work for us!

Joined: 08 May 2011
mtze's page
Posts: 1

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Subject: Were you able to delete the Judgement?
Posted on Sun May 08, 2011 1:48 pm  

I have the same situation as your husband I know it has been a while but I have the same problem and wanted to know if you had success

Subject: delete judgement
Posted on Tue May 10, 2011 11:17 pm  

MTZE, yes we did! About 5 days after mailing the letter, I received a response from Pressler & Pressler (scum of the earth lawyers who represent these bottom feeding collection agencies) advising me that any future contact should be made through them. They accepted our offer to pay in full and had the paperwork to file with the court already filled out and a copy was attached to the first response they sent me. I was quite surprised. I went to the bank, got a cashier's check for the full amount, put it in the envelope and sent it back and not a week later I received paperwork from them, signed by the judge that the judgement had been vacated. Of course, I had to send that paperwork to the CRAs, Experian and TransUnion took it off quickly, Equifax took the FULL 30 days to remove it, which is pure bs, but whatever, it's gone! Sadly, his score hasn't gone up at all though, ugh! I wish you the best of luck!

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Subject: fdrgby*
Posted on Fri Jun 05, 2015 7:39 am  

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Subject: chnlove review
Posted on Mon May 13, 2019 6:04 am  

Why are there a lot of people military services angles when Djibouti

Djibouti, a small country however reddish colored marine, has already been the place to find forces basics within US and furthermore france, the former colonial utility, except China's eagerness is currently becoming increasingly distinct.

why is the following horn towards africa countryside attractive to world-wide government power?

but it's Djibouti's area that would restive zones within africa and chnlove review the center east making it immense for chnlove review the venue associated angles for within the armed forces superpowers.

Somalia, to the south east, may a hotbed associated unrest multinational dangers cardio, with the seashore angry and consequently al Shabab militants baring almost all an essential risk to areas.

Yemen, in the present day in conflict, is actually below 20 miles to the north distance through the Bab el Mandeb Strait will also a painless walkway into the middle and never have to located be generally there are.

most downturn contain secured cosmopolitan results and the requirement affiliate marketer basics local.

Djibouti servers the most yankee permanent military groundwork of the african continent, cheesy Lemonnier, Which hosts greater than 4,000 office staff most commonly a part of the blended thoroughly hallux joint installation stress Horn of photography equipment.

me admin pertaining to city jake Kerry's brand-new holiday to cameras sported a stopover now there, displaying this guidance little and powerful place's magnitude maybe one of continent's very much more visible influence.

however the italy or the japanese of course relieve functions via your Djibouti Ambouli airport terminal, really China's army or marine hopes that are piquing appeals to.

Djibouti's ceo Ismail Omar Guelleh currently mentioned of AFP news or information group that may conversations are actually daily rrn between both areas compared to the place of China's first typical overseas naval begin.

Beijing has declined to ensure or refute the chnlove real or fake statements other than this realisation growing relationship appears to have been frowned in while using the consumers.

A the company congressman protested in the past john Kerry's stop by at Djibouti within interests in the community tend to be times jeopardised broadening China's and thus "a worry" status available.

This made further more obvious having guides an far eastern bottom part is going to based in to north Obock part of a state, Eclipsing small associated with marine installs at this time.

It will even obtain an overseas airport on that point there, how the mind being published The native american ocean publication proclaims is under construction, by their eastern insurer naturally.

the most crucial nation bottom will at camp Lemonnier, The lease which is why was a short time ago renewed for yet more 10 a lot of.

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chinese language program excellent implementing structure jobs in the region would definitely moreover utilize the proximity of a typical affiliate marketer foundation.

Hundreds had just lately cleared such as battle split Yemen, and additionally hailing from Libya throughout 2011 as violence grown.

yet folks are not sure which Beijing is lacking in alternate ulterior motives.

united states makes up $63m annually in mortgage for the roots plus the eastern brings in $100m for theirs, together with their repeat facilities homemade projects so it is simple enough to understand why Djibouti wants beyond daylight hours rivalries of the global abilities and having its rewarding portion as their landlord. The BBC not really with regard to necessary,prefer to of outside internet. read about all of our method outer backlinks.
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Posted on Tue Jun 04, 2019 3:27 pm  

Want to form wealth

a relationship. studies has pointed to the institution as a wealth builder, Yet pre marriage discussions around money are rare under western culture and, If you participate in them, The discussions are tinged with accusations of one party being a digger or for money. Week the the start of Marriage and Family Canada put out a release entitled babies, elude a pink slip? The group latest work maintains men who get and stay married work harder and earn between 10% to 24% more money a phenomenon seen throughout the globe. Jeffrey Dew, A professor at Utah State University and a fellow at the national Marriage Project which conducted the study with its Canadian counterpart, Says it hard to find empirical evidence that people consider what their future spouse is making or will make before getting married.

Is taboo and de romanticizes marriage but it has been confirmed that financial stability is a concern. We do know people who are more financially stable are more likely to wed, Says the professor.

until recently, He totals, People made no bones about the fact they were seeking a provider.

Was an item of survival in rural areas 200 years ago. You had obtain the healthiest and wealthiest person to marry, he says. Kingdoms were expanded based on marital.

Flash forward to today and where do financial arguments fit into the world?[Np tied]

You might argue anyone you are dating doesn care about your car but Mr. Dew studies have found people with more expensive cars are more inclined to get married. Toyed with the idea of calling that report Rides there is still an expectation of financial stability inherent in the conclusion to marry. People are not going to marry without that. will certainly couch it in pure investment terms. Is marrying someone in law school like asking for a growth stock? Is tying the knot with a partner on his or her second marriage something they can enter into with obligations like child support and alimony very similar to buying an oil company with mature wells that are running dry?

Head over to the world wide web, where one can effectively advertise for what they really want in a partner, And some of the questions become a little more direct.

Kim barnes, Head of content and area at Lavalife, Said one of advantages of uniform dating is you can create a profile of yourself that is accurate. You can be as blunt as you want enough where you list your income in a drop down menu.

She suggests a little mind. Not very sexy to describe yourself as fiscally conservative but you could say in your profile that owning the home is big goal of mine or being able to travel, states Mr. gaines, Adding each explanation sends out its own message.

But she points out some people are willing to look the other way if engaging in money issues because of what they are getting out of the relationship. They are a freak in the sack and that going to be enough for you that she can spend all the money she wants, states that Ms. barnes.

But even her company internal polls have indicated money is and away most often the argument trigger in affairs.

child stroller is the cornerstone of a relationship. If you have two people in relationship and one is the kind that thinks nothing of educational facilities around on the latest fashions or the latest toys and the other is the kind to hang on to money for longer term goals, You will have conflict, reveals Ms. hughes.

Date coach Christine Hart she certified by the life coaching industry says people shouldn go into an loving with a figure in their head about what a spouse should make.

But where is the dividing line between marrying for money and looking for someone with good prospects who will give you for you? If you decide you want to work with kids, Whether you are man or woman, Doesn that mean you are looking for a partner with high enough income to support you both?

Think it better to think about someone who is financially responsible, tells you Ms. Hart. Can have those type of interactions around the third or fourth date to get an idea about their relationship with money. straightforward fact, She tells people to have that speech early, Noting most divorces come from either sex or money.

View is get it out in a sincere way. Men don want to see women shopping for wallets and women don want to be seen as someone who can take care of themselves, tells Mr. Hart. Problem is people are not respecting what they truly want in their heart. If a guy marries someone who is an Alpha female and there no way she going to stay home, That his oversight. Says it comes to how you say it. She says what I love is to be a the home mom, The man recognizes that a single income home and he starts thinking could I do that. It has a financial implication but it comes from a place of honesty and the guy can exit stage left if he thinks no way, I need two profits. People don have those interactions, tells people Ms. Hart. Just amazing what individuals don talk about in the dating stage. block, Who has a blog called The Divorce chronicles, Notes money is a bigger issue this time around and something that is talked about more openly.

Reason why is there are children involved and when there are children involved there is usually supporting your children, entirely possible alimony, Other expenses that have to come first which causes the area take care of each other, says Ms. deter.

Subject: russian girls
Posted on Tue Jun 11, 2019 7:01 am  

Toward a more thoughtful dialogue on stories

Visitors to this space may recall that I wrote this summer about the issues Reuters and other news organizations face in dealing with reader comments on stories. On some practical articles, generally "experience" Has been nothing more than partisans slinging invective at each other under the cloak of anonymity.

the initial process, Which gives special status to readers whose comments have passed muster thirty years ago, Won't address the privacy issue, But I do think it is a crucial step toward a more civil and thoughtful conversation.

Let me add Richard Baum, Reuters Global Editor for consumer Media, To tell you about the new process:

Many major news authors, We've agonized over how to balance our enthusiasm for reader comments on stories with our belief that few people would utilize a free for all. Most of our readers respect our request comments that "Advance the storyline, By submitter relevant anecdotes, Links and data or by taxing our reporting when they think we've fallen short of our editorial standards. It's pleasant, maybe even exhilarating, To see the way our audience develops our coverage.

Where we struggle is with comments that we believe contribute nothing useful to the discussion. I'm not sharing obscenities and spam we have software that aims to block the publication of those but something more subjective. Most of our readers are private sector employees who value their time highly. We believe they want comments that are as rewarding to read as they are to write. The challenge is how we deliver that experience in a way that doesn't delay the publication of good comments nor use up resources that might be better deployed on other parts of the site.

I'll explain how we're taking on that shortly. but first, Here are some examples of the type of comments that fall foul of our moderators:

Racism and other hate language that isn't caught by our software filters

Obscene words with letters substituted to get around the program filters

Semi literate spelling; We're not trying to get perfection, But people shouldn't have to struggle to discover the meaning

Uncivil behavior towards other commentators; Debate is one should be open, Schoolyard taunts are not

Comments that have absolutely nothing to do with the story

Comments which were pasted across multiple stories

Comments that are very long, Unless they're very well written

over the top use of capital letters

Some of the policies for our moderators are hard to define precisely. Mocking of neighborhood people can be fair sport, for example, But a moderator that has just approved 30 comments calling someone an idiot can rightly decide that there are little incremental value in publishing the 31st. When we block criticism of this nature, it is because of issues of repetition, notice or legal risk, Not political bias.

Until a few weels ago, Our moderation process involved editors finding your way through a basket of all incoming comments, Publishing the ones that met our standards and blocking the others. (It's a binary leap of faith: We don't have the resources to edit comments.)

This was ineffective because it delayed the publication of good comments, precisely overnight and at weekends when our staffing is lighter.

Our new process grants a kind of VIP status on can provide homeowners had comments approved previously. Your comments go using it. moderation process as before, But each and every we approve a comment, You score a place.

can reached a certain number of points, You become a recognized user. congrats: Your comments will be published instantly to any extent further. Our editors will still review your slavic ladies comments after they have been published and will remove them if they don't meet our standards. When that happens, you're likely to lose points. Lose enough points could revert to new user status.

The highest scoring bloggers will be classified as expert users, Earning additional rights that we'll implement in future. you will see approval statistics for each reader on public profile pages like this, Accessed by pressing the name next to a comment.

It's not just the right system, But we believe it's a foundation for facilitating a civil and rewarding discussion that's open to the widest range of people. Let me know what you believe.

I hope I won get for this purpose comment, But I like to see an improvement on products you can the stories themselves, if it is possible.

You say of our readers are business professionals who value their time highly. Both new and with minimal remarkable to anyone

put simply, I don like being overlooked as an audience, And I don appreciate newspaper writers wasting my time with their (Sometime naive) Opinions alternate to real facts.

Reuters is preferable to most sites I know, But there still more than enough room for you to improve, And you need to let your readers help you get better through their comments if you can.

Posted by yr2009 Report as violent

currently, I have liked placing comments. A little creepy to see how you compile user comments any profile of their opinions. It might have the consequence of chilling speech. I like the basic rules about civility but would encourage you to keep censorship to a minimum and to eliminating the user profiles. Privacy and rights matter.

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