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Sample copy of dispute letter – Remove credit report errors

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Subject: low credit
Posted on Tue Nov 06, 2018 12:34 am  

How do you negotiate a lower payment when you honestly do not have the money to pay.

Subject: Important question
Posted on Tue Nov 06, 2018 9:28 am  

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Peddy Murphy

Subject: I need boost Credit
Posted on Thu Nov 08, 2018 7:49 pm  

Hi I’m Murphy, after reading several reviews about Hack West, I decided to try them too they are different class. They helped me repair the 25 negatives on my report completely and raised my score to 730 on the average. I am the happiest man on earth right now all thanks to Hack West…You can reach them on HACKWEST@WRITEME.COM and/or (424) 307 2638
Charisma Lewis

Subject: How I raised my score to over 200points in less than 30 days
Posted on Sat Nov 10, 2018 12:43 pm  

Hi, I applied for a loan to boast up my new business about a couple of weeks ago. To my greatest surprise my score was very low of 599 and I was rejected, I almost lost with no hope until I ran into an old friend whom I explained my problem to and she introduced me to Hack West who helped her fix her bad credit. I have no choice and I decided to give them a try and they helped me to raise my credit score to 807. I had a bet with my friend I was going to reveal this company to the world if he should fix my credit score. Well here I am recommending: (HACKWEST@WRITEME.COM) for your Credit repair, Chex system and DUI fix. You can also contact via (424) 307 2638. I’m sure you’ll share your own testimony to the world as well after they are done fixing your ailing credit.

Subject: I want to help you
Posted on Tue Dec 04, 2018 3:41 pm  

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Christine Compton

Subject: Fix your credit today
Posted on Wed Dec 05, 2018 10:00 am  

I didn’t believe my report would get in good shape. I initially had a low score of 425, with 17 negative items on my report. Over 2 frustrating years of my unyielding search of a legit credit agent to help me fix my report, was really a waste of time, money and effort. 5 times, I got scammed by these so-called hack agents. My report even got in more bad shape as my score reduced to 398. At this point, I gave up on my report. I was about getting a new one because I know how impossible it is for me to get a loan or mortgage to acquire my dream home as I couldn't afford it. One day, I got a message from a former workmate who has relocated a year back, asking me to mail; HACKWEST@WRITEME.COM and get my credit issues fixed. Due to my previous encounters, I felt reluctant at first, but later gave it a try due to the fact that a friend recommended it to me. Surprisingly, in just 10days, my report became better in good shape as my score increased to 751 and all my negative items removed. I'm actually typing from my dream home as I live comfortable right now. If you've been in similar dilemma with your report, you could contact Hack West through the above email or text (424) 307 2638 and get your problems solved.

Subject: boost
Posted on Wed Dec 05, 2018 4:39 pm  

You do need to talk with a credit repair professional. I know of someone who you can talk to and you can ask him questions if he can help with your situation. He charges reasonable fees but he will tell you if he can help you or not. If he does not there is no charge. Take a chance. Also, you may need to know that owning a home now is less expensive for you than renting. If you can solve this problem and re direct your goal to owning a home - that will be more beneficial for you in the long haul. contact (COMPUTERSPYEXPERTS@GMAIL. COM). (859) 7 8 0-3779
Ashley Johnson

Subject: Fix your credit with the best hacking company
Posted on Wed Dec 12, 2018 7:32 am  

Ashley Johnson by name, from Arkansas’s State. I’m a divorced mom of 2 autistic kids with a substantial income. We were going to lose our home because I didn’t have the credit score to purchase it. I had already worked with a hacker that almost wrecked my account with zero result. He also introduced one of his friends who tried to help but couldn’t because of the new security on the credit bureaus, they were unsuccessful but if I paid $1200 more, they would send me a cloned Credit Card and it is nothing but another big mess. I continued making more research on whom to help me with my credit until I saw and read some reviews from people saying HACKWEST help people who have alarming poor credit. I texted on +1 (424) 307 2638) and emailed ( asking if everything I heard and read were legit that I am interested in his service ASAP. I got a responds and further explained the process although I was lucky they are on promo discount so the cost was supper substantial. We moved on and West actually did all he said he would do within 7 business days and now I’m happy sitting on an average high credit score of 790 across the 3 major credit bureaus with no negative items on it.
Rick Kennedy

Posted on Sun Dec 30, 2018 5:45 pm  

Hack West Professional Credit Repair isn’t just a place of business it is a place of family where they truly care about your credit score and they help you raise and fix your past (which can be frightening and intimidating at first). We all make financial mistakes and I made those bad decisions that truly affected me in where I couldn’t ever gathered $100 loan. BUT HACK WEST (HACKWEST@WRITEME.COM/+1 (424) 307 2638) credit has helped me by taken me by the hand and raised my credit score from 460 to 780. They are very integrated, interactive and truly want to not only fix your credit score but help you at a second financial change at life. With them working hard for us, we are confident we can now truly fulfill our dream of buying our first home at Denver.
Hack West is a Blessing to us and can also be a Blessing to you, tell West Rick directed you. Truly I’m fulfilled. 2019 is settled hence I have an excellent score.

Subject: Credit Lord
Posted on Mon Dec 31, 2018 5:27 pm  

Danny Smith; After having multiple bad experiences with credit repair companies which I was robbed, figuring out the credit score they told me they boosted was actually false and the negatives on my report wasn’t cleaned I tried Ghost Virus Credit Repair whom my bosom friend introduced to me…I want to publicly appreciate the effort for helping me to increase my credit score when I was suffering from low score 490 and was unable to meet up to my standard level. My score suddenly shot up 790 (excellent result) within 9 days. Let me quote Ghost word to me “you can’t begin the new year with a bad credit” that encouraged me and immediately started the job. Sincerely, I’m pleased after everything they did for me. He didn’t charge so much but delivered on his part. Contact him for all sort of credit repairs, he will be willing to help you. (GHOSTVIRUS789@GMAIL.COM: +1 (205) 418 0498). Also DUI and Chex fix have a wonderful start happy New Year.
Sarai Sumira

Posted on Mon Dec 31, 2018 6:30 pm  

Having good credit is not something they teach you in high school or college. I had horrible credit and was burned a couple of times by hackers who provide "clean up credit" services. Working with Hack West Credit Repair was an entirely different experience. Hack West was honest. They did exactly what they said they would, within a short while, was always available and awesome. These things made all the difference. Thanks so much for helping to repair my credit; I now have a score of 760 with all hard inquiries removed. Reach them on HACKWEST at WRITEME dot COM or +1 (424) 307 2638.

Subject: Credit Repair
Posted on Wed Jan 02, 2019 1:15 pm  

Happy New Year Y’all my name is Martial; I hold Ghost in a very high esteem perhaps this post. I had a lot of debts previously. Credit card, loans, and a whole lot of other debt. Debt collectors have been embarrassing me with several phone calls and text. I’m so stressed out that my depression and anxiety multiplied tenfold. Today makes it exactly a month ever since I came in contact with Ghost who cleared my debts, removed all derogatory items from my profile including the hard inquiries and increased my score to 798 in less than 15 days. I vowed to always appreciate them for what they did for me. I must confess these guys are good. I’m sure so many other persons are in this situation or even worse, you can contact them and get your life restored email: ( or text: +1 (205) 418 0498) and please don’t forget to mention my name to them. Have a Prosperous New Year. Martial Sikora

Subject: Credit Restore
Posted on Fri Jan 04, 2019 12:18 am  

"Words cannot express my gratitude nor Appreciation to Ghost Virus for he’s help." Sometime last year I was in a very terrible situation I was almost losing my house due to my poor credit outline. I reached out for help and searched online for a quick solution to my poor credit outline and to restore my life back without being kicked out of my apartment and suffering from so many things. I came across several reviews about Ghost how he helped a lot of persons with similar issue I was having. I contacted Ghost Virus ( +1 205 418 0498) for a quick solution explaining everything concerning my credit to him and I could really use he’s help he said okay and promised to help me fix my credit within 12 working days. My credit got fixed my score 395 was increased to a high 795 deleting all negative items and also increasing my credit limits and leverage. God bless you Ghost I’ll forever remain grateful to you Have a prosperous years ahead of you thanks. Cherry Idaho Connecticut Happy Holidays
Jack Miles

Posted on Sun Jan 13, 2019 9:31 am  

As skeptical as I am, I have to say these guy is the best in the business. The cost is worth it. Faster than Lexington Law or any other repair services I have ever used.I started less than a week ago and changes are happening to my credit report and my scores have been going up. Take it from me, try him you won’t regret it. Ask for THECREDITWIZARD@WRITEME.COM, he is your guy. Customer service is professional and you are not being considered as a number. He is personable and understands your needs. It’s worth it guys and this aren’t no FAKE NEWS. You can also text him on his personal number +1 (717) 467-7735.

Subject: How i fixed my credit
Posted on Sun Jan 13, 2019 5:06 pm  

Greeting Great people my name is Christian, Few years back I tried without success to fix my credit and rather it got worse. The last time was last year in which they request me some payments and six (6) months, the person did nothing. I was making more research and by chance I found Ghost Virus and his contact; GHOSTVIRUS7890@GMAIL.COM, +1 205 418 0498. For many of the names I found for some reason, I identified more with him. I am a father of 4 children and I have always wanted to buy my house but by credit report, I have never been able to. I did bought one house in Puerto Rico but it entered foreclosure. My score was in the 475 due to the medical bills, credit cards, repossessions, student loans, etc. well I trusted Ghost Virus with my credit and he delivered my life from shame and failure bringing joy and reason to be happy back to my grasp again. He raised my score to 790 and deleted the bad items on my report and it still looks nice up to date. Reach him with his above contact and get your lives back again.

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