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Sample letter: Intent to file lawsuit against credit bureau

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Subject: Сайт знакомств для взрослых
Posted on Wed May 02, 2018 7:51 pm  

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Charles Miller

Subject: Credit Review
Posted on Sun Sep 30, 2018 2:21 am  

My name is Charles Miller, I want to advice anyone out there who needs credit fix to please consult Credit Wizard today on the email Address THECREDITWIZARD@WRITEME.COM / +1 972-534-5519. After I contacted him and explained how bad my credit was, miraculously, he delivered on my credit and my score was increased to a high 800 (excellent) removing all negative items including late payments, criminal charges and replacing them with positive trade lines. My advice to you reading this now is for you to be careful with the type of hackers you entrust your information. Goodluck!
Joy Young

Subject: Credit Review
Posted on Sun Sep 30, 2018 2:49 am  

Competence is one thing we don’t need to undermine. Adomscreditrepair at Cyberservices dot Com has proofed to be competent, reliable and trustworthy. Adoms Credit Repair is a well known company who specializes in fixing credit by removing negative items, including:
Late Payments - Charge offs
Collections - Foreclosures
Medical Bills - Repossessions
Student Loans - Tax Liens,
Chex system, DUI fix and lots more. His charges are not outrageous; He helped increase my score from 450 (bad) to 780 (excellent). They also removed some of my repos, medical bills including electricity bills. Adoms is just the best.

Subject: Credit repair
Posted on Tue Oct 02, 2018 8:13 am  

Hey Guys my name is Joe I live in Alaska, I wanna talk about how I fixed my credit using the help of this Great Hacker PROTONVIRUS123@TECHIE.COM i just had 15 to 30 days to fix my credit I was losing my home due to my bad credit records I called my best friend and explained my issue to him, Him came over to my place and we tried a few steps he knew about fixing credit and my score increased by 15% but that was not good enough. So he called a friend (PROTON) a computer expert and explained the issue if there was a solution and what would he do and how long he said yes explaining the process and time frame which I was satisfied and I gave my info to him and we started the process and in 3 days my credit was rebuilt and my score increased from 430 to a high 800 removing all negative items. Visit Proton today on the mail above or phone number +1 347 480 9812 and get your credit/hacking issues solved Good day.

Subject: Good Review
Posted on Wed Oct 03, 2018 8:52 pm  

Thank you Credit Wizard!!! Because of your experience in credit repair we got 2 repos and multiple delinquent accounts off our credit report. Our credit score went up over 150 points. You are so friendly and helpful!! If you do what they tell you to rebuild your credit it will work. We could not be happier and so glad we went with Credit Wizard. Good credit is everything and we now have a great score of 750 from 502 score. Here is his contact: THECREDITWIZARD@WRITEME.COM/ +1 972-534-5519
Micheal cooley

Subject: My Score increased to 160 in less than 1 month
Posted on Mon Oct 08, 2018 11:49 pm  

You guys have surpassed my expectations! Hack West is seriously amazing and is doing everything to help my Fiancé and me, in 2 weeks my credit score went up 160 points and I can only imagine what is to come. Thank you for the excellent customer service and doing exactly what you all have set out to do! NO GIMMICKS OR BS with you guys. You can reachout to them via HACKWEST at WRITEME dot COM / (424) 307 2638.

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