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Intent to sue sample letter

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Subject: jTdgTKyzrUpGqaNbncL
Posted on Tue Aug 05, 2014 5:27 pm  

11eWfD I value the post.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

Subject: So what if a company validate the debt whats next
Posted on Thu May 19, 2016 12:22 pm  

Whats next..need to remove inquiries from equiifax and transunion
Samantha Theiss

Subject: Credit Testimony
Posted on Thu Oct 11, 2018 1:31 pm  

Hello everyone I’m Samantha from GA. I’m so grateful to Credit Wizard for such a wonderful work. I had three credit cards to which I pay my bills closely at most cases on due dates through pre-authorize debits. I also have a good mix of credit which is student loan but still have been deprived of a car loan. Although majority of the negatives items will be removed in few months (about a year) time. I have a credit score of 482 with so many derogatory items that are from 3 years ago. I couldn't condole it anymore as most of my colleagues at work have their personal cars. I felt in despair most times considering my predicament. After a quick research of a hacker called Credit Wizard (THECREDITWIZARD@WRITEME.COM / +1 972-534-5519) with numerous recommendations and that which my girlfriend Lily explained about with positive reviews and referrals. I contacted him explaining my problem. Duly he came up with a resounding proposal and guaranteed my derogatory items wiped, reports and scores enhanced within 6 working days. With so much anxiety I waited and to my greatest surprise after 8 days my report was sound with positive trade lines posted on it including a revolving credit card, a 740 credit score and all negative reports were deleted. I got approved for a loan, got my car and most especially got myself together. I strongly recommend him for your credit fix.
Felix Wilcox

Subject: Appreciation
Posted on Sun Oct 14, 2018 9:32 pm  

My unreserved appreciation goes to HACKWEST. I have purchased the 2018 Mercedes Benz and I’m also qualified for everything. I had a 420 with Transunion, 411 with Experian and a 405 FICO score. I also had repossession, charge offs 8 negative items and closed credit card accounts. I was trying to get a new 2018 Mercedes Benz but I had a bad credit and needed help ASAP. My colleague who previously was in my situation gave me the contact (HACKWEST@WRITEME.COM) of HACKWEST the credit repair company who helped him fix his. I quickly emailed and texted them asking of the process to get started after explaining my situation to them. We got started immediately and after 6 business days they deleted the repossession, charge offs including 8 negative items and raised my scores to 780. You can also text via (424) 307 2638.

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