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Need advice on where to start?

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Joined: 12 Feb 2010
Edwards72's page
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Subject: Need advice on where to start?
Posted on Fri Feb 12, 2010 5:08 am  

I have my report from all 3 CRA. What I want to do is pay in full all charge off accounts so they don't keep popping up from different CA.

Well here is where my confusion starts. None of the original creditors have reported to the 3 CRA just the CA have. Do I try to contact the original creditors and just try to see if they will let me pay the debts in full? (The debts are valid I remember all 4 of them with the original creditors.) And if I pay the OC will the CA have to remove the entry from my CR since the debt is no longer valid?

Would it be unwise to contact the OC by phone without sending certified letters or should I just start by sending validation letters to the CA?

Also how should I deal with this situation?
For example on my CR 2 different CA are reporting the exact same debt for $328 I made in 10/04 with the OC the only problem is they are reporting this debt as alot newer.

Here is what my CR shows...

Date opened: 04/1/2005
Balance: $328.00
Terms: 1 Month
Past Due: $328.00
Payment Status: Unpaid
Last Reported Date: 04/2005
Keyed Derogatory 04/2005

Now in 2007 this same debt was picked up by a different CA & reported as newer than what it really is and both are on my CR as if they are 2 different accounts? here is the second one...

Date opened: 4/1/2007
Balance: $328.00
Terms: 1 Month
Past Due: $328.00
Payment Status: 120 days/more than four payments past due
Last Reported Date: 01/20010
Keyed Derogatory 01/2010

Is this legal? Will it stay on my report for 7 years from the time the new CA bought my account from the first CA? or from the time the account was charged off from the OC? and who should I contact to validate the debt?

Also I have an collection account on my CR that list no CA or OC it's just there and listed as an unpaid medical bill from 02/2005 with no other info as to who the debt belongs to or even who reported it to the CRA.

Head spinning don't know where to start and who to start with please help. Thanks in advance for replies


Joined: 08 Feb 2010
Aaron's page
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Subject: reply
Posted on Fri Feb 12, 2010 9:24 am  

Hi Edwards,

What is being reflected on your credit report is legal. The first details of your account is in relation to the first collection agency (CA), to whom the debt was first sold off. They may have contacted you, but have failed to collect the debt, realizing it to be a loss. Therefore they have sold it off to another CA. That is the reason 2 different CA are being reported on your report.

You can contact the original creditor (OC), if you want to deal with the OC rather than the CA. But for that, you need to request the OC to pull back the account from the CA. You can then tell them that you want to pay the dues in full. That will improve your credit score.

To validate your debt you can contact the CA. After they answer back to your validation, you can then contact the OC and request them to pull back your account from the CA.

As far as I understand SOL doesn't restart with the selling of the debt to the CA. SOL starts from the date of your last activity.

As for the item that is not listed under any CA or OC, you can contact the credit bureaus and request them to check into the matter. However, if you can remember whether or not you had at any point of time, taken any medical help and not paid the bill, you can contact that company. You can request them to correct the item listing.

Hope this helps.
Keep in touch Smile

Joined: 01 Nov 2008
cinnamngrl's page
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Posted on Fri Feb 12, 2010 11:05 am  

If the OC sold the debt they cannot "pull it back". And it probably wouldn't be best for you.

1. Dispute the negatives on your CRA and see if any fall off easy.

2. Send a DV letter to the CA 's that you can see on your report CMRRR.

3. Don't start thinking about paying in full. if the CA can provide evidence of an account then negotiate a settlement. One option is asking for a Pay for Delete. you pay most or all in exchange for deletion from your credit reports get the agreement in writing. If they won't delete then try to settle for less.

it is illegal to reage an account and post the same debt twice. Dispute this debt as duplicate with the CRAs and attack the DOFD with the CA.
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