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How do i request the negative item delete from my report

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Subject: solutions
Posted on Sun Mar 31, 2019 6:18 pm  

I want to share a vital information with anyone that needs this Information, if you need the service of an ethical black hat cyber professionals who can help you with any form of hack service you need.i can rate him the best so far since I have been giving my request to him which all has been positive. If you need his services contact him via email trifixblackhat1 @ gmail. com. the best the world is yet to discover
Robin Golofsky

Posted on Mon Apr 01, 2019 8:41 am  

Honestly recommend Hack West Credit Repair to everyone very fast and efficient, always answered any questions we had or concerns and always kept us updated throughout every step of the way. We saw a huge change within the first two days and I mean huge change. Thanks to them we have recently been approved for a mortgage after they fixed my score.
Totally give them all the stars..... HACKWEST@WRITEME.COM/ (424) 307 2638 GETS THE JOB DONE!!!
Maverick Jones

Posted on Mon Apr 01, 2019 5:25 pm  

I never believed a hacker can fix my credit (delete negative items such as debts, IRS and Liens etc.) and also boost my credit score until I came in contact with DEBOOTH CREDIT SOLUTION. To cut long story short, a colleague of mine told me about them and their expertise and how they helped fix his credit. I emailed them via DEBOOTHCREDITSOLUTION@GMAIL.COM and explained my credit issues to them. To my greatest surprise, my credit score was upgraded from 480s to 786, and the negatives in my profile all wiped. I advise anyone with credit issues to contact him cos there’s nothing as having good credit. Text: (562) 281-7621. Trust me you’ll never regret it…
Deborah Collins

Subject: guest
Posted on Wed Apr 03, 2019 8:22 pm  

I'm so happy right now , my credit score was below 420 and I never believed I could get rid of the negative items recorded on my credit profile because I had an accident that made me quit my job but right now am so happy ,my close friend introduce me to an expert hacker who help me increase my score from 420 to 850 just in two weeks and he also help me clear my debts in my 3 cards , i can't believe all this is happening to me am so glad you guys can contact him . on his email as well for good credit score at CREDITSPYGENIUS AT GMAIL DOT COM or you text
Donnie Mark

Posted on Wed Apr 03, 2019 11:53 pm  

Never thought I could be on the move up to the upper echelon of the society where I wouldn’t have to worry about a low FICO score, and other credit issues. My profile was laden with hard inquiries, liens, etc. but with the aid of XAP CREDIT SOLUTION whom I met via google search my entire life has turned around for good. My score is now soaring in the 800s, with negatives cleared. This is a testimony and you’ve got to believe me when I say XAP is real. Do well to contact them for all forms of credit upgrade XAPCREDITSOLUTION@GMAIL.COM or text (972) 597 9704. Best wishes…
Abigail Matt

Posted on Thu Apr 04, 2019 10:37 pm  

Everything I read about DEBOOTH CREDIT SOLUTION on trulia, credit magic and Google are true. I believe they are just out to help people with credit issues be it minor or major. I don’t know who you are consulting right now, even if you have consulted someone already for your credit repair I strongly advise you contact DEbooth credit solution if you want desired results. It took DEbooth and his team approximately 14 working days to fix my credit. My fico score was increased by 100 points within the first week and later increased by 100 points on the second week, isn’t that incredible? My score was initially 602, and was increased to 802 across the three credit bureaus and my negative reports were cleared. I’m so happy and I conclude with this assertion that “DEBOOTH CREDIT SOLUTION is the best”. You can as well reach them today via DEBOOTHCREDITSOLUTION@GMAIL.COM and text: (562) 281-7621 to confirm this.
richard jack

Subject: how i fix my credit
Posted on Sat Apr 06, 2019 1:20 am  

I want to use this opportunity to recommend a very efficient and trustworthy hacker. I got his email address BULLCREDITREPAIR@GMAIL.COM on trulia. He is very nice and he has helped me a couple of times even helped clear some discrepancies in my account at a very affordable price. he offers a top notch service and I am really glad I contacted him. He's the right person you need to talk to if you want to fix your credit, hack any of your spouses social network account or whatsapp , He offers a legit and wide range of hacking services. His charges are affordable and reliable, This is my way of showing appreciation for a job well done. contact him for help via email address below.. BULLCREDITREPAIR@GMAIL.COM text +1480 462 3869..
paul duke

Subject: credit fix referral
Posted on Tue Apr 09, 2019 12:07 pm  

My story is incredible till today. My wife and I are scientists and we racked up 150k+ each in student loans. it’s a huge sum of money, but with our stable jobs and good income, we were on track to pay it off. Then tragedy struck when my wife got disabled through an accident and couldn't continue her job. I now had to pay off both our debts. I couldn't just meet up with the payment of both, loan default rates started to increase and it got worse. We also incurred credit card debts and it affected our credit score so bad. I went on the internet to look for expert solution and figured people were talking about how a hacker helped them with their as bad credit situation. I narrowed my search down to a hacker named WEBSTAR because he had a lot of positive reviews and even belongs to a hacking community. This hacker successfully cleared our student loans and credit card debts also fixed our credit scores and deleting negative items on my profile. It was incredible and I always thought there will be a down side to it but I'm writing this review after 3 months and nothing bad has happened. Now my life is really stable and I'm doing ok. His contact is WEBSTAR@HACKERMAIL.COM. It's best you contact him if you really need help.
eric h

Subject: godfinger
Posted on Tue Apr 09, 2019 12:08 pm  

My name is Eric and I must express my gratitude for your generosity in supporting men and women in the States and beyond that absolutely need solution to their low Credit Score and poor Credit Profile. Your special commitment, experience and expertise to increasing a low Credit Score and cleaning up bad or negative items, appears to be amazingly productive and has in every case encouraged professionals like me to realize their goals. You brought my Credit Profile up to speed, increased my Credit Score from a low 400 to a high 700 and as a result, I am qualified for everything. Thanks a ton; from every member of my family. Deep down in my heart I highly recommend GODFINGER (GODFINGER@TECHIE.COM), he can fix any Credit Score related problem. May God bless him! Contact him through the email above.
Zoe Becker

Posted on Wed Apr 10, 2019 8:36 am  

Guys, this is very serious. I have a good income but I had a terrible FICO as a result of some late payments and evictions, this made it impossible for me to afford certain things so I needed my credit fixed. I read about XAP CREDIT SOLUTION on various review sites through google, I texted them via (972) 597 9704, and they increased my score to 795, they also added some positive tradelines to my profile. I’m glad that finally there is a way to beat the system. Email them via XAPCREDITSOLUTION@GMAIL.COM. XAP is definitely the answers to our prayers. Don’t just sit there take action today!!!
Lookie Matt

Posted on Thu Apr 11, 2019 11:42 pm  

I am so happy to have consulted DEBOOTH CREDIT SOLUTION for my credit repairs. I discovered that I had 5 negative items on my credit most especially IRS, delayed payments and loans and over 7 hard inquiries from every bureaus and it hindered me from moving forward in my business. I could not access any loan so I started looking for ways to salvage my condition and discovered a hacker (debooth credit solution) on trulia though there were other ones there but my instinct directed me towards Debooth. I was asked for funds to get started with the job and I gave them the benefit of doubt and made some commitments. My fico score was moved from 600 to a perfect 800 and all the negatives were deleted from my report. Right now I have a clean profile with wonderful trade lines. In case you need their services, you can reach them via DEBOOTHCREDITSOLUTION@GMAIL.COM OR text +1(562) 281-7621.
nancy donald

Posted on Fri Apr 12, 2019 12:27 am  

My name'is Nancy I will like to introduce to you all an experience hacker called BULL CREDIT REPAIR who made life better for me and my family. I found out that some credit repair companies here online can barely fix my credit score. I'm saying this because i have been ripped off severally. I wanted to buy a house for me and my family; however I wasn’t qualified as a result of bad credit report. I was so worried and frustrated, I came in contact with this particular hacker who was spoken of everywhere on social media and on credit sites and i decided to give him a trial. We reached an agreement after some series of questions from him; he perfectly fixed my credit and raised my score which was 450 to 800. I’m glad i didn’t give up on my search. I hereby recommend him to you all with such credit issues. He is also an expert in fixing chexsystems report and also he can clear DUI records as well. You can reach him via BULLCREDITREPAIR@GMAIL.COM TEXT +1 480 462 3869 good-luck

Subject: cheat
Posted on Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:48 am  

i got divorced few years ago and don't want anyone to make the mistake i made, my ex was talking to this lady she met online, she cheated on me with her, i hired a professional hacker to get me access into her phone i was able to view all i text, call logs, text messages, real time location and many more without having to touch her phone so she didn't know i was spying on her, well i found out she planed clearing my account and eloping with the online lady, i trusted her so much and she had the key to everything in my life, there was not even a single secret was i keeping from her, and she broke my trust. so you should also hire cyberlord36361art gee male dot come in order to find out if your partner is cheating on you or if they have something evil planned.
herbert west

Subject: Hire a Hacker
Posted on Sun Apr 21, 2019 10:39 pm  

We are best when it comes to hacking.. Our services include: 1. School Grades Change 2. Drivers License 3. Hack email 4.
Database hack 5. Facebook, Whatsapp 6. Hack Call Logs, 7. Retrieve messages, deleted data and recovery of messages
on cell phone 8. Crediting , Money Transfer and other various activies 9. Sales of Dumps, Dead drops and fresh CC We
also sell high grades techs and hacking chips and gadgets if you are interested in Spying on anyone. We sell software,
apps for hacking service. Your security is 100% guaranteed and we have testimonies all around the world.We get your job done without any disappointment.
Interested parties can reach us at
Noah Logan

Subject: how my credit was fixed
Posted on Mon Apr 22, 2019 9:33 am  

Anyone looking to get their credit back on track should waste no more time, just contact DEBOOTH CREDIT SOLUTION with this number (562) 281-7621 and email them via DEBOOTHCREDITSOLUTION@GMAIL.COM. Having read reviews about them, I contacted them and explained the challenges I was facing with my credit. They asked me few questions and what’s required of me to get started with the job which I answered promptly and they promised to fix my credit within 9 business days. They really made great difference in boosting my credit score and also help get negative stuff off my report. They are very competent and also friendly. I highly recommend them!

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