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How do i request the negative item delete from my report

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Robert Lee Bateman

Posted on Thu Dec 05, 2019 7:46 am  

Sometimes I doubt if ROCKBASE CREDIT REPAIR is aware of how through their outstanding services are, they turned my mind away from committing suicide. I could not imagine less than suicide after my ex-wife secured a divorce and its aftermath was an experience of financial crisis which made it difficult for me to pay off my loans and credit-cards bills. My credit score was totally ruined, and I went back to zeroes. ROCKBASE and his team were the GAME CHANGER, they got my credit restored, raised my score to 810, my debts were paid off and my credit card limit increased to 50%. I don’t know how best I can appreciate Rock Base than to tell the world; quickly contact ROCKBASE@PROTONMAIL.COM or +1 (972) 449-1968 if you got any kind of credit repair, Chex system and DUI fix. Robert Lee Bateman.
Alyssa caleb

Subject: Guest
Posted on Wed Dec 11, 2019 12:08 pm  

Hello, I would like to share with you this Honest Hacker who helped me lend a loan to start up a business and pay up my bills, have ben in some debt and couldn't get money to proceed with my business and i also need a rental for the new month because have been evicted from my other apartment which i had only just 2 weeks to leave with my kids ,there dad is late and no one to help me finance them so i decided to come on line and check if i could a legit hacker to help me with some lone and credit repair then i came across creditspygenius one afternoon .i sent him couples of emails before he could get back to me he requested for all my details he also ask me to come up with part payment if am really intersted in the hack which i did with faith to my surprise he completed the hack within 3days he delete all my negative activities and increase my score to a golden score of 850 i couldn't thank so much and he show me to  loan company to get a loan and start up my business again am so happy right now you can reach him through his email at   CREDITSPYGENIUS AT GMAIL DOT COM)
Selena Markini

Posted on Wed Dec 11, 2019 9:40 pm  

Email: H A C K W E S T @ W R I T E M E . C O M
Phone/Whatsapp: +1 424 307 2638
Hi everyone! The best time to fix your credit is now. My colleague mentioned about the services of Hack West and how they clean up DUI report and Chex system. I wondered if they could actually fix my credit profile. I had a very low score of 405, some couple of bank charges and several collections. I really need this service but I barely trust the source due to some several cyber rip off attempts on me. To my surprise, they only asked for little information about me and a payment that's worth the value. After 5days my report was sound with positive trade lines posted on it including a revolving credit card and a 790 credit score. I sincerely recommend their services to you if you require a credit fix. Feel free to contact them and be rest assured of an excellent result. Cheers!

Posted on Fri Dec 13, 2019 5:15 am  

Do you need to increase your credit score?
Do you intend to upgrade your school grade?
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you should contact this hacker, he is reliable and good at the hack jobs..
contact :
Tracy Allen

Posted on Sun Dec 15, 2019 3:01 pm  

I checked my scores some couple of weeks ago, they ran down in the low to the mid 400s. I was struggling having a hard time getting approved for anything due to a layoff I had last year so I fell behind on my bills and now I am struggling trying to get my score back up so I can purchase a home. I surf the internet in search of help and I met with AUTOLINKS CREDIT SERVICES and I explained to them my credit situation and they promised to help me get my scores back on track so I can be qualified for the home purchase. After some couple of days later, they cleared the bills on my credit profile and effected the changes across all 3 credit bureaus and finally raised my scores to 793. I bought the house after a week and I am very happy today with my family. You can contact them and have them fix your credit issues as fast as possible. Contact via: / +1 (520) 800-6528 .
lily jamson

Subject: Guest
Posted on Thu Dec 19, 2019 1:40 pm  

I would like  to share the testimony of a good hacker to everyone that requires good service from hacker his contact is CREDITSPYGENIUS AT GMAIL DOT COM. He has proved his genuine and honesty to me after he helped me delete all my negative activities and get my score up from 400 to 810 and he also clear all my late payment on my 3 credit card ,so I urge anyone that want the service of a good hacker that will give values for money to contact this guy. He's fast and reliable through his email at   (CREDITSPYGENIUS AT GMAIL DOT COM)
Mila Henry

Posted on Thu Dec 26, 2019 8:40 am  

Merry Christmas guys, contact: or +1 520 800 6528 , for credit repair, they made me smiles again. I was evicted for some couple of months, then I went surfing the internet and find AUTOLINKS CREDIT SERVICES, I contacted them ASAP and they boosted my bad credit score from 368-780 within 5 days. They cleared all negatives on my report even gave me good trade lines for loans. Thank you AUTOLINKS CREDIT SERVICES I will keep recommending you to the world. Thank you once more am very happy, I now have my own home.
Drew Webster

Posted on Mon Jan 06, 2020 10:32 pm  

Ha, for my sins I used to work with credit agencies. They had some of the ropiest software (and security) I have ever seen in a corporate environment. most of what they do is just matching strings and hoping something sticks. For example my credit record is now inextricably entangled with a man who once bought a house off me and happened to share the same first name and year of birth. Scarily they and the insurance companies have far more power over your life than any politician (especially EU ones, for you slow learners at the back).
Best decision i ever made was trusting a colleague who branched out early, to handle my financial bookings and help clear the negative reports off my credit.
His name is Harold and he is a genius. He raised my credit score from 488-787 in 3 weeks, i recommend him for anyone who has financial troubles like i did. Text him - 567 309 0308.
Lara Swan

Posted on Wed Jan 15, 2020 11:56 pm  

After being rejected by a mortgage company due to poor credit score of 490, I ran into an old friend who introduced me to ROCKBASE@PROTONMAIL.COM as devastated as I was and down, I explained my challenges to Rock Base Credit Repair. Just in 3 days I got my credit score raised to 790. I had a bet with my friend I was going to reveal the hacker to the world if he should fix my credit score. Well here I am recommending this life saving team. For your credit score & credit report issues, bank, social media, phone hacks and many more email or text Rock Base on +1 (972) 597 9704. Also be bold to let others know about their good jobs. Thanks
Austin Benedict

Posted on Mon Jan 20, 2020 10:29 pm  

Happy to have honored my mother in-law’s invitation last week for she helped introduce me to 760PLUS CREDIT SCORE who did a wonderful job by clearing all bad credit records on my profile. I contacted him on phone, we had a deal after our discussion and agreement, he increased my low credit score from 458 to 802 in less than a week removing all hard inquiries, charge offs and eviction after I narrated to this hacker on how I lost my wife and 2 children to fire accident that claimed their lives on 18th Nov, 2018. Life became difficult and sad for me back them. Am just happy I got my credit fixed even when the pains of losing my family is irreplaceable but I must appreciate his good works and thanking my mother in-law for her relentless support to me. CONTACT VIA: 760PLUSCREDITSCORE@GMAIL.COM or text +1(304) -774 -5902.
Bodaway Cliff

Posted on Tue Jan 21, 2020 12:11 am  

760PLUS CREDIT SCORE is reliable and efficient credit company to work with. A Colleague recommended 760PLUS to me after I confided in him about my poor credit situation. I contacted them immediately on +1(304) -774 -5902 and they increased my low credit score from 420 to 810 in less than a week. Removing all hard inquiries, charge offs and eviction. Guess what? They even added some positive trade lines to my report. I want you to contact them, they can help you. Here is their email: 760PLUSCREDITSCORE@GMAIL.COM /+1(304) -774 -5902. Cheers. Don’t forget to mention my name when you text.
patrick justin

Subject: Guest
Posted on Sun Feb 09, 2020 8:10 pm  

I have a bad credit report and I needed to pay bills so i could  changes my apartment have paid different imposter who pretend as a hacker to help me boost my credit score but they could do notting to boost my score not until i met creditspygenius who help me delete all my negative activities and increase my score to higher score because my transuinon was zero but after he worked on it everything got change and i was so happy with his good job and i got a new apartment moved in with my kid and we live happy life he also clear all my debt in my 3 credit card his the best Y'all should contact him through his email at ( CREDITSPYGENIUS AT GMAIL DOT COM) if you want a change of life.
Clifford Devin

Subject: Credit Repair
Posted on Mon Feb 10, 2020 9:45 am  

Been with a bad credit is like a living dead everything seems not to be working well after the Lexington Law turned me down with a lot of negative entries, foreclosure, late payment student loans, credit card debts etc. All this made me not to get the kind of loan I wish for and all went down I felt like going to hell to have a rest but after I was directed to visit Kabbage INC website for solution. There I meet this credit guru called HACKNET with his contact details HACKNET567@GMAIL.COM/ (949) 397 8437 immediately I contacted him and explained my credit issues and how low my credit score is with a lot of bad items on my report, he gave me a positive respond that it can be done in just 12days I was amaze and I gave him go ahead after that I got a mail from the Bureaus that changes has been made on my report and when I checked my report everything has been wiped out including the credit card debt and I got an excellent score of 799. All thanks to HACKNET for making life easy for me. Contact him now and get your credit fixed.
Calon Jossy

Posted on Tue Feb 11, 2020 10:52 am  

I am extremely satisfied with the services of this effective and ethical credit repair team. They were very helpful in clearing all my negative items including credit card debts and student loans in just a few business days and my score went up by an impressive 260 points; here’s there contact: (XAPCREDITSOLUTION@GMAIL.COM and/or +1 (972) 597 9704). Do well to mention my name to XAP. Cheers!
Brittney maynard

Subject: Safe yourself
Posted on Wed Feb 12, 2020 1:45 am  

Onetime I was medically discharged but the items went into collections because I was unable to pay them anymore. later i did all i could for my credit line to increases in a type of way so that my credit card utilization would get better but never got any answers and that was late last year, life hasn't been so meaningful since then. Now I must say there is only one hacker i can vouch for the same hacker that changed my life. Hack attack. He's truly exceptional and reliable. Its over four years now i lost a huge contract deal i have invest so much on and ever since then my life hasn't been really mine. My wife cheated on me because my life was miserable, I couldn't pay my staffs, i had little money, a very low credit score, several debts i knew i couldn't pay up anytime soon. I knew i had to do something out of the ordinary for myself. I opened up to an old friend, then he told me he also outsmart his credit errors to obtain all the luxuries he has today. On this very day i was a very lucky man, he recommended these credit repair Instructor to me. You can’t imagine how happy I am to see my credit in the excellent form at now. It's so incredible I never taught my credit will ever be as good as this again. I contacted him for two reasons, fix my financial life and spy on my wife so i can catch her cheating and divorce her without we splitting anything into half or she leaving with the kids. Anyways he solved all those for me, clearing all my credit card debts and also hacking my wife's phone then i could see all her activities right on my own phone. copy this email correctly Notablespy dot org (at) g m a i l dot c o m. His reply alone is a sign of greatness in any human's life. Thank me later!

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